September 9, 2017


I am thrilled to announce the release of my second book, unbreakable!

After spending a month in Thailand, living on Muay Thai camp, poetry came to me when I returned to Africa.

During the time that I was writing the poetry, I was reflecting on life, relationship, and changes that had led up to me being where I was. Like a Phoenix, I felt that I was burning my old self up in the fires of the present, and arising from the ashes stripped of the emotional weight that had been subconsciously holding me back.

I stripped myself of societal thoughts…like the need to be married and a mother by a certain age…and I basked in the realization of my beautiful freedom. Humorous poetry flowed through me as I reflected on situations I would have once considered painful. It was a beautiful experience, and I wrote this poetry for practically two days straight.

unbreakable is the result! I am thankful to numerous friends who encouraged me to publish this book…at first, I was not planning to. It was difficult for me to consider laying some of my trials bare for all to see (especially my family!). But I moved passed that as I realized that this was part of my growth and my journey to ultimate freedom.

I hope that others might be inspired by reading unbreakable and know that they are not alone in various situations that they may consider struggles. May all who suffer know that there is an end to that too. That end begins with a decision. And that decision is always yours. Peace and freedom are our birthright. I wish you an infinite amount of both. And love too ;)

Namaste and love!

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Note: I am offering unbreakable in ebook and paperback versions. Here are the relevant links for both.

unbreakable eBook: ZenTao Books

unbreakable paperback: Amazon Prime

As an independent author and publisher, I’ve added details here to provide insight into the cost structure behind each book.


Thank you for your support! <3!

August 28, 2017


I am so very thankful for the beautiful beams of light in LA who came out to support the official launch of my second book, unbreakable! The event was incredible because of the amazing energy and good vibes shared by all. Thank you for making the day, and the launch, so special!

I was inspired to give a talk about freedom. What does freedom mean to you? What does freedom feel like? What stories about yourself do you need to give up? Whose voice is telling you that something is not possible? Is it your voice? What is holding you back? Have you discovered what you truly are?

As always, the questions are what move us. I believe that living the questions is what sets us free. And I wish you the greatest freedom!






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Author note: Thank you to my dear friend, Linda, for hosting the incredible event! <3

Photo note: Thanks to Fred for capturing these amazing photos! ;) 

July 14, 2017


This video from Alan Watts is profound and deserving of its own post <3


July 14, 2017


This May, I traveled to Lisbon to meet with a Zen Master named Mooji. I have been meaning to write about this experience, but I confess…finishing my novel has gotten in the way of that. However, today, one of my cousins asked me to explain, “…what is Mooji is to [me],” and so now seemed like a good time to write this post :)

Firstly, I would have to say that I don’t buy into the concept of having a personal “Guru” or “Master”…but if we were to take Guru as it’s original meaning of teacher, I must say that Mooji was a most profound teacher. During my 5 day intensive with him, and others from around the world, in Lisbon, I had new revelations about my True Self and the true meaning of Awareness. I think perhaps it happens when we are on a spiritual quest to freedom that we are lucky enough to encounter beings like Mooji who help point us on the way. (This video from Alan Watts happened to be shared on Facebook just after I met Mooji and it resonated with me…you can click here to watch it, but I think I will also be giving it its own post.)

When I embraced Mooji, I felt a profound feeling of emptiness and fullness. As if I’d come in touch with a light that totally dimmed out everything else. Even before I met him, I felt this sense of joy that I can’t describe, but I appreciate the image I used for the header because I think my smile shows it.

I guess I’d say that meeting Mooji was like encountering myself without barriers. He is an amazing being and I encourage everyone I know to search him on YouTube and watch any video you find of him. I think you’ll find that something he says will resonate with you. Mooji is like that <3



And when I gave him my book, Meditative Questions, he was so gracious and kind that giving him a gift felt like a gift! What a presence he has! I am so thankful for the opportunity of knowing him and meeting him.



Here is a Mooji video that I picked at random that you might enjoy ;)


July 12, 2017


I believe in the Infinite. I don’t particularly like to think about limits, as I believe we are limitless. However, I do believe that our body forms are limiting. It is the reason that we must take time out to rest and relax as our cells recharge. The Source that charges us is unlimited.

But the reality is that we make energy choices all of the time. Should I go here and do that? Or should I stay home and relax? There are other unconscious choices we make about energy use when we worry about things or remain in toxic situations. I believe it is absolutely possible to overcome anything, but I think the question that must be asked is, “At what energy cost?”

For you see, when we tie up our energy in lower value things (like worry, stress, or dealing with toxic people and situations), we have less energy to do the work that we were sent here to do. As I’ve made choices to better align myself and my actions with what I feel I’m supposed to be doing, I find that I don’t want to spend energy in lower value areas. I also see how my time in Corporate was keeping my energy tied up from more Creative and Spiritual pursuits.

It is a divine blessing to be free of constraints. However, sometimes a series of choices — often difficult choices — are required to move us into that space of freedom. I believe it is incredibly possible. And the question is always the same: What are you willing to let go of?  Until your answer that question is everything, it is possible to go on leading a very attached life that seems to be missing something. That “something” could be as simple and profound as peace.  In case you’re still wondering how you might know that you need to consider letting go, ask yourself, “Do I feel trapped?” 

If you answered, “No,” to that question…let me ask you another. If you wanted to pick up and move to Greenland tomorrow, could you? (Not would you.) When I tell people that I moved to an island in Africa, I often hear, “Oh, I wish I could do that!” My response is always the same, “You could.” But people then share their stories that include things like, “Oh, I have a house here, though.” Or, “Well my family is all here…” and so on. The reality is that people and things are attachments. Of course there is nothing wrong with having things and family! But I think is difficult to be truly free when every decision is made through the lens of attachment. I found that when I let go of all of my things, I had more energy. And when I let go of everyone else’s opinion, I could do anything ;)

Sending good vibes, love and light to you!



Photo source: Palos Verdes, CA (my mobile phone ;)

Author note: Special thanks to my dear Christina who inspired me to write about this after our amazing sound healing session in LA! I’ll admit that it was difficult to pull myself away from my novel to write this, but I’m glad I did haha ;) Love to you! xo

July 7, 2017


With only a few days notice, so many beautiful beings came to share in the talk at Langston Hughes’ House in Harlem! The light was just incredible.

I am so thankful for the positive vibes, engaging conversation, and inspiration. What a night! I remain thankful.



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June 19, 2017


I am excited to announce that I will be having an event in New York this Friday, June 23rd! This event will be a Talk + Q&A + Book Signing at The Langston Hughes House in Harlem! Please find complete details and RSVP for this FREE EVENT at Eventbrite here: Selena Sage NYC Event. RSVP count is needed for seating and light refreshments, and your email will be used to send you a free sample of Meditative Questions and the to-be-published book of poetry entitled Unbreakable :)

A limited number of books will be available at the event, so you can also pre-order on Amazon: here. Meditative Questions is a finely crafted hardcover, full color book experience that inspires you to question everything. Each book is $40, but a special event price of 2 books for $60 will be provided (recommended if you would like to order multiple copies!).

Thank you for your support! I look forward to seeing you in Harlem!


April 21, 2017


I’ll tell you a not-so-secret secret…I’m working on a new book! Haha My life has been a bit consumed with it, and it’s even strange to take a few minutes out to write this post. But I’m making popcorn, so I figured I’d use that time to record this moment for my future self…haha ;)

This time, I am writing a novel. The project is pushing me outside of my comfort zone in many ways. But as with all of my inspired writing projects, I feel a crazy sense of urgency that this is something I simply must do. It is the kind of urgency that keeps awake until 3am some nights writing…and then wakes me up at 6am with new ideas. Sometimes it feels completely crazy. Sometimes I feel crazy. But still I know that I must carry on.

The challenge that I’m currently facing is that I have not finished as quickly as I thought I would. We are quickly approaching May 3rd, and that will represent two months of work on this book. For many, that may not seem like a lot, but for me it is. I have been blessed to get inspiration for other projects that have come to me in downloads that happened over a matter of days or weeks. Taking months to write a project is not familiar. It requires a different sort of commitment. It requires consistency, dedication…and faith.

I had to make the decision to not rush myself, for I do not the book to feel rushed…though I don’t know if I have full control over that haha

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that undergoing major projects…or transitions or changes…requires you to have patience with yourself…and patience with the process. Some things simply take time.

So, I urge you (and I urge me) to be gentle with yourself. Enjoy the journey and do only what needs to be done. You will reach your goal.




Photo: Walking home in Ponta do Sol, Cabo Verde

March 7, 2017


I was fortunate to make a new friend today! It happened as a result of accepting an invitation to visit a new town that I received yesterday…and the whole situation turned into such a beautiful gift, that I’m glad I accepted. I’m glad I was open. I’m glad I didn’t put too much on the decision.

So often, we overthink and talk ourselves out of situations that can turn into unexpected blessings. While I firmly believe in listening to your intuition and responding appropriately to any vibes you’re feeling, there’s a certain element of life that requires being open and accepting invitations to things you hadn’t previously considered.

When we relax into being present, we create new opportunities for connection and growth. Just do it ;)



Photo source: In the mountains of Santo Antão. Thanks for the awesome photo, B! ;)

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