November 25, 2016


Sometimes we sabotage ourselves. Whenever we say to ourselves, or to others, things like:

“I don’t have enough time” or

“I don’t have enough money” or

“I’m not good enough”…

…we unknowingly add energy to those thoughts. Thinking and verbalizing these thoughts adds exponentially more power to these thoughts. Because of the energy that is generated, these limiting beliefs become your reality. 

Instead, if you speak and verbalize such things as:

“I have abundant time” and

“I am blessed with limitless resources” and

I am enough“…

…you are speaking truth into existence. The Source of our creation is truly unlimited. When we understand this, we live in connection with the Source and are not bound by limitations that we create for ourselves. There is a simple test to show that this is true:

Step 1

Simply speak the limiting beliefs (at the top) aloud. When you say and think these words, you will feel drained. You may start think about how you can change that negative reality by focusing on this false, limiting belief that you do not have enough. But the truth is that when you think of not having enough, you only attract more of not having enough. We attract more of what we focus on…whether it is positive or negative.


Step 2

Now, let’s cleanse those negative vibes! Take a deep breath and speak truth into existence. Happily proclaim, I HAVE ABUNDANT TIME! And I AM BLESSED WITH LIMITLESS RESOURCES! And I AM ENOUGH! You should feel a weight lifted. You may feel a smile in your inner being that radiates outward. Don’t fight this feeling, embrace it. This is what truth feels like :)

So now is the time to free yourself! It starts with adjusting your thinking. If ever you find yourself thinking or speaking a limiting belief, stop yourself. Reverse course and quickly replace this false views with the unlimited abundance that is your birthright!

And as we celebrate this season, let us maintain our spirit of gratitude for all that is and all that will be. I recently saw a favorite quote from Oprah that is a great reminder: “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

Wishing you beautiful holidays ahead!



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Author note: After I wrote this, titling the post “Limiting Beliefs” seemed rather limiting! Haha! I considered changing the title to something more limitless, but I decided to stick with the original title because it motivated the content and may be what others need to be inspired to read this post. I also hope the image selected will portray a feeling of calm and limitless possibility to others as it did for me <3 Namaste.

Photo source: Blue

November 9, 2016


As we wake up to the reality that Donald Trump is the next President of the United States, many of us are in shock. This reality seemed an outside possibility, at best. We hoped that moral decency would win out to racism, sexism, and xenophobia. We hoped that love would win over fear.

But the reality is that a storm had been brewing in our country. There were strong undercurrents of hatred and fear that were evidenced by violent shootings and police brutality, and hinted at by the true lack of diversity in the leadership of corporate CEO’s in America (I can only think of one woman CEO of a major corporation off the top of my head — Marissa Mayer of Yahoo, who I feel gets routinely thrown under the bus, whether deserving of it or not. There are actually more than that, and here’s a list…but I still think it’s too short.) To say that America was not ready for a woman President would not be far fetched. Misogyny still lives. To say that America truly embraced its diversity would require avoiding the facts. It turns out that the majority of Americans wanted to turn back the clock, and they have gotten their wish.

However, as we face this new day, there is another point to consider: Tearing down everything and starting over requires vision. Rebuilding requires work. What seems like the end is really just a new beginning.

That sentiment applies to us. As we face this new reality, the responsibility for determining our future still remains in our hands. We have a blank canvas, and we must decide how we will paint it. What is our vision for our future? What kind of life do we want for ourselves and our families, regardless of the government? That vision may include outreach to unify underrepresented groups in society…or it may entail exploring opportunities outside of the country.

Now, more than ever, is the time to explore a new reality. If this election has shown us anything, it’s that there is no more business and politics as usual. This is a new day. And we must take steps to preserve our sanity and think outside the box. We cannot lose all hope.

This year is the year of the Monkey….and to me, it represents the chaotic and mischievous way of the monkey. It is a year intended to shake things up and allow us to see the true nature of others — and ourselves. As such, it can be a painful year because we must face things as they truly are. It is a year of great change. And therefore, it leads to times of exponentially new realities.

It is easy to succumb to fear of the future. But remember that each decision and action you take today effectively creates the future. If you choose, instead, to see the great possibilities and opportunities that life has to offer (far beyond the borders of a country), we understand that we must dream bigger.

If Donald Trump’s win teaches us anything, it is that anything is possible. May you apply that logic to your own life and live as only you have imagined. May the world come together and embrace our oneness. May we find a way to love in the midst of fear.


November 4, 2016


As I hike through the Valley of Paul today, I keep thinking of truth. Of how some people go through extraordinary measures to avoid telling the truth and end up causing far more damage than if they would have told the truth in the first place.

Of how we lie to ourselves. How we avoid facing reality to save ourselves from the pain. But these delay tactics don’t really work. Eventually we have to face reality.

And of how we hide our truth. Of how we avoid pursuing our dreams because of what others might think. We hesitate before sharing our art because we worry of what others might think of us. We become scared of failing. But if we don’t try, isn’t that really failing?


I write these words as I sit (under a tree) near a stream by the side of the path. The water flows, unconcerned with any obstacles in its path. The water brings life and gives life. Its true nature is simply to flow. When we live in truth, we give life to ourselves. When we speak truth (and live in alignment with that truth), we give life the others. Hiding yourself and your true nature benefits no one. Shrinking from your truth out of fear is a disservice to everyone.

Telling the truth is hard because we fear who we might hurt or disappoint. But if we understand how much more we hurt ourselves and others by not telling the truth, we understand that we must be truthful. It becomes easy and then we understand that life is only as hard as we make it. Everything starts with being honest with ourselves. Once we do that, we must have the courage to share that truth with others in whatever form it takes. Then life becomes a dance and we are free to flow and just be.

October 14, 2016


While reflecting on a couple of lovely days spent traveling around my beautiful island of Santo Antao, I’m inspired to think about the journey of life. The featured photo was taken from the crater of a volcano here. How does someone come to live in the crater of a volcano?

How do all of the decisions that we make…and life experiences that we have…connect? 

How do we let go of our preconceived notions about how something is supposed to go?

I think of how people and mere moments can inspire you to make major life changes. We may expect that those people and those moments are there to stay and meant to last, but maybe that’s not the way it’s supposed to go. Maybe those people and those moments were necessary to push us into the next phase of our evolution.

Or maybe that person was meant only to connect us with someone else we needed to have in our lives.

I think of the cherry tree in Japan that inspired the first meditative question…and ultimately led to a book (!!!). When I asked the concierge at my hotel in Tokyo where I could find a cherry tree, I had no idea that the answer to that simple question could be so inspiring.

Life gives us moments that move us in different directions. Sometimes we are moved because of profound beauty or love…two things that could never truly be put into words (though art is made from trying!). Other times it is a feeling of struggle that makes us believe that there has to be another way.

I once read that our brain only processes a fraction of the stimuli around us, for if we were able to process more, we would be overwhelmed. Life is so much bigger and broader than we can imagine. But it is so easy to get caught up in our own little worlds. Because we do that so easily, we forget how big the Universe is…we don’t acknowledge the endless possibilities…we don’t grasp our limitless potential. Instead, we only feel the pebble in our shoe. (Or for me right now, the hammering that’s happening on my roof haha But I’m going to continue anyway!)

It is so easy to get fixated on a destination. But when I think the last two days spent riding around the island here, I lost track of where we were going. I was on the flat bed of a pickup truck, holding on tightly to a beautiful four year old boy with the wind blowing in my face. I was looking out at the majesty of nature in the trees covering the mountains. I smiled at the golden flowers blooming in trees and the red blossoms lining the road. I was in awe of the evergreen trees growing out of the side of the mountain. Looking down on lower mountains covered in clouds took my breath away. And eating a fresh guava fruit from a kind and beautiful woman living in the heart of the crater of a volcano while a puppy chased that same beautiful four year old boy made me laugh deeply as he ran in circles around me, almost pulling off my shorts before I swept him in my arms to protect him from the hyper puppy, so full of energy. My friends were happily lost in the moment either eating fruits or helping to collect more. Life was happening in those moments. I didn’t care about where we were going or when we were going to get there.  I was along for the ride. And what a beautiful ride it was.

And I know that no matter how much I may want it, it would be impossible to re-create that exact same day again. The people, the place, the weather, the moments were unique and special and beautiful. They undoubtedly touched all of our lives in different ways.

Life is like this. 

We hear this phrase, “Enjoy the journey!” but what does that really mean? Does that mean that every moment is going to be exactly as we want it? No. Even yesterday, there were times that I was hungry and tired and probably less than enthusiastic haha But then there were those times that I laughed heartily with friends, ran around after children, and felt so much love in my heart that my mouth was hurting from all of the smiling. My spirit only remembers the latter.

So with life, we have this impression that every minute of every day is going to be perfect. We want every season to be Spring or Summer…with new blooms and shining sun. But Fall is about letting go and Winter snows remind you to be like melting snow and wash yourself of yourself  (Rumi).

Every phase that we go through…every person that we meet…every moment that we have is meant to be appreciated for what it is. We are not meant to get stuck on any one moment. We are meant to flow through it…like water moving down a stream. But even if we get stuck, whatever we do to get un-stuck is also part of our path.

Oprah gives a good talk about how there are no mistakes…that everything that happens was meant to get us where we need to go. I believe this to be true. We are Creators, and through our choices and our way of interpreting everything that’s happening, we create our lives.

If you imagine riding in the back of a pickup truck as you drive through the moments of your life, there are some things (good or bad) that stand out as being pivotal. There are some moments that make you want to stop the truck to take a picture to try to capture the beauty. And there are others you’d rather speed through haha. But if you look at the trajectory of how those moments (and the feelings from those moments) led you to make different decisions, as you keep riding you will start to see how all of those moments led you to where you are now.

So all that’s left now is for you to park the truck for a minute and acknowledge everything you saw for what it was. Don’t get stuck on anything. Just think of it as a myriad of different things you would see when driving through nature. It is a collection of memories. Since it does not exist now, it only exists in your mind. So, it’s only your thoughts that make it real.

Now, get out of the truck and set about making decisions that your future self will look back on proudly during that next trip through old memories. Life is what you make. Through taking responsibility and ownership of your life, you move closer to realizing your potential. Take decisions out of the hands of others and start building the life you dream about. For you would not have been given those dreams if you could not make it a reality.

In Genesis 2:21, God caused Adam to fall into a deep sleep. There is no mention in the Bible that he ever woke up. Life is but a dream…now go make it a good one ;)

October 2, 2016


It was September 30, 2016…two days ago…it was the day that the Atlantic ocean swallowed my iPhone6. The featured photo for this post was to be the last selfie sent from my phone. And the bit of ocean that claimed by phone can been seen in the photo…the white wave cresting down below was to be the site of ‘the incident’ haha

September 30th was a beautiful day here in Cape Verde. Clear skies with a little cloud cover insured that it wasn’t too hot. I decided to go on a bike ride. As I unplugged my iPhone from the charger, I noticed that it was still at 45% — the frayed wires on the end of the cord had finally fizzled out — but no matter, that was enough for a few hours of music. I was disappointed that my 10 foot charger cord had bitten the dust, but I had backups. I’d work it out.

I had a great ride around the city and stopped for lunch. The day was so lovely that I didn’t want to stay inside. There was a perfect breeze and cloud cover to shield a lot of the sun. So I braved the massive hill (mountain haha) up to my home and dropped my bike off. I grabbed some water and decided to should go for a hike down to the ocean. As I enjoyed the beautiful day, I happily listened to music and snapped photos during my hike. I was shocked by how much erosion the rains had caused and I was making mental notes that purchasing property too near the ocean here would probably not be a good idea.

One of my favorite areas to hike down to was also different. The smooth black rocks, normally clean, were covered in mud. I hiked all the way down to this area and took many photographs. The water was such a brilliant blue/green! I also took a few selfies that captured both the ocean and the mountains in the background. The way the sun was shining made these photographs spectacular to me. I was in the photography zone! haha

Then all of a sudden, the winds picked up and the waves were crashing beautifully against the rocks. I had to get pictures of this too! I was happily snapping away and then all of a sudden I noticed my headphone cord swaying freely…nothing was attached to it! (I still have no idea how this happened. In the beauty of the moment, perhaps I forgot that I was holding my phone! haha) In a split second, I looked down and saw that my phone was sliding down the rocks — a short stretch of rocks, maybe one foot from the cresting waves. I analyzed the situation quickly and came to the easy conclusion that my safety was more important than the iPhone. I knew that if I lunged for it, I could easily fall into the ocean. And this was not a beach area. The currents were strong and forcefully crashing against the rocks on the shoreline. I said a mental goodbye as I watched my phone bounce down the rocks twice and fly into the ocean with the third, prolonged, bounce. It happened in seconds. In that time my jaw dropped and I looked out into the ocean knowing my phone was gone. And then I started laughing. haha! Yes, really! I shook my head and I laughed. I laughed throughout my hike home and then to my neighbors as I told them why I was laughing haha

I laughed because there was nothing in the world I could do about it. I laughed because it was still a good day. And I laughed because it was just a phone.

Yes, I thought about the photos, videos, contacts, and memories on the phone. I thought about how the phone was my lifeline to the outside world through social media, messaging, and news. But then I realized it was replacable. I was safe and my phone was in the ocean…I was okay with that.

And then I thought about letting go. Letting go has been the biggest theme of 2016 for me. I think it started when I shaved my hair off in January, continued when I sold and gave away (practically) all of my possessions in February, and manifested in various ways as I have decided to end associations with toxic people. Of those three, I think the latter is the hardest to deal with. Hair grows back, you can buy more things, but we are wired to connect with others. Separation is difficult, but often it is the healthiest choice.

So, when I think of the list of things I’ve let go of so far this year, I can’t say I’m too surprised by the loss of the phone. But as with every other form of loss, your reaction determines your reality. I am thankful that I was able to laugh off the loss of the phone and not get too caught up in the moment of the loss and think of all of the things I could have done differently. I moved on quickly and got about the business of setting up my backup device.

I was reminded that life goes on…until it doesn’t. haha Things are forever out of our control, but our reactions belong to us. We get to decide whether we are going to allow a situation to break us or make us stronger. We decide if we are going to stay rooted in the moment or if we’re going to move on. We get to choose whether we see the humor in the situation or dwell in the loss. Choose wisely ;)

There is a beautiful poem by Hafiz that comes to mind:

The sky

Is a suspended blue ocean.

The stars are the fish

That swim.

The planets are the white whales

I sometimes hitch a ride on.

And the sun and all light

Have forever fused themselves

Into my heart and upon

My skin.

There is only one rule

On this Wild Playgound,

For every sign Hafiz has ever seen

Reads the same.

They all say,

“Have fun, my dear; my dear, have fun,

In the Beloved’s Divine


O, in the Beloved’s




red rose
September 27, 2016


They say, “Everything happens for a reason,” and I’m sure I’ve used this saying before too. But mostly I’m not a fan of it because it seems to justify every perceived bad thing. I don’t think the saying is necessarily wrong, but it just comes off as callous. It doesn’t express the full story.

Things happen in our lives that we register as pain. Whether it is emotional or physical, we tend to want to avoid pain at all costs. We don’t want to be hurt, let down, or disappointed. And most of the time we don’t know how to deal with the resulting emotions when one (or all) of those things happen. We can try to avoid thinking about it, but that’s usually just a signal to your brain to think about it more. Or we can pretend like it didn’t happen, which again keeps our mind constantly going back to reexamine. Or we can tell ourselves a different story about what happened.

The latter option sounds like we’d be lying to ourselves, but that wouldn’t really work — again, we’re too smart for that. Re-framing the situation is something else entirely. Instead of placing ourselves as victims of our own stories, we have to force ourselves to look at the bigger picture. If we believe that the Universe is for us, we understand that whatever happened was meant to wake us upAnd really, who doesn’t want to hit snooze when the alarm goes off? Staying in bed is comfortable. Getting up to face the workout or the workday takes effort.

If we want to adequately deal with what has happened to us, it’s going to take a little effort. Instead of continuing to play the victim in our story, we have to acknowledge simply that some things happened that were meant to move us to a different — and, I think, better — reality. We can stay in a rut thinking about what might have been or what we think should have been… OR we can bravely face the day waking up to a new reality where we are thankful for grace and lessons learned from a painful experience. Like an artist, we approach a new canvas and start painting a new picture of the life we want and live that.

If we accept that things could not have happened any other way…and we give up hope that the past could have been any different…we breathe in the flavor of forgiveness. We stop the cycle of the victim mentality and get to the business of building the life that we want — not staying trapped in a life we don’t want. By taking what we’ve learned from the experience and sharing it with others creatively, we ease our pain and unknowingly ease other’s pain.

Just think of the song that you played over and over again while going through a tough time that expressed all of your unspoken feelings and comforted you. Or a painting that transported you to another place and eased your spirit. Or a movie that inspired you to reach new heights. Or a photograph that captured your emotions and gave you a pathway to your next steps.

Yes we can say that everything happens for a reason. But more specifically, things happen as the Universe’s way of participating in your unfolding. The rose may not appreciate every rain drop, but the bloom is so beautiful. We don’t have to understand the reason why things occurred, we only have to decide what we’re going to do about it energetically. If you can find beautiful ways to transform negative energy into a positive for all, you win and we all win.

An illness experienced by you or a family member may lead you on the path to find or develop a cure. An accident may lead you to develop safety standards or preventive measures. A poor educational experience may inspire you to be a great teacher. An increase in crime may make you decide to run for office to change policies. Seeing the beauty and potential of the world may inspire you to write about it, paint it, or sing about it. For who can say what is right or wrong or good or bad? All of these energies flow together and we must dance a cosmic dance to prevent any chains from taking hold. (I envision the whirling dervishes of Sufism.)

Emotional freedom means reframing your story and determining how to transform energy into a loving state. As you love yourself, you love others. As you forgive yourself, you move forward. Regardless of what happens, my wish for you is that you stay free and release yourself from being the victim of your story. You have so much Art in you…and we need you to paint it ;)



Photo source: Red Rose

Burdened with the weight of the rain, the rose blooms anyway and allows the water to nourish her. ;) <3

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