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I could also add engineer, businesswoman, world traveler, philanthropist, daughter, sister, friend, Auntie, Godmother…but these are all just words ;)

My secret mission is to find creative ways to help children in need around the world. (Please visit the Give Back page for more on this!)

My goal is to use this site to provide inspiration for good.

Additionally, I am excited to share my books Meditative Questions: Zen+Tao Inspired and unbreakable! You can learn more here.

Please also feel free to click on any quote or post that inspires you and leave a comment. You can always share your cool with me by sending great stories, photos, or videos:  I’d love to hear from you! :)

Last but not least, a special thank you to all of the artists, musicians, and thinkers who have shared their works and thoughts throughout the ages! With great respect to the Creative Commons license, all credit is given and sourced to the creators of the content that make the messages come alive! It is my hope that this site can introduce you to those talented individuals so that you may support their work as well! Thank you :)

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