February 18, 2017


Even when the familiar is not good for us, it can become comfortable simply because it is a known quantity (the unknown somehow seems scarier). We somehow adapt and learn to live in dysfunction. But this can only happen when we have an unclear vision of who we really are.

I believe that we are all stars…made of stardust…with the glorious and divine light of our Creator within, causing us to shine. But when we don’t know this light within, we stumble in darkness and confusion. We cover our own shine with layers of insecurity and doubt.

because you would not save yourself,

the universe intervened 

When we are not quite ready to save ourselves — because we do not yet know the Light of our being — sometimes we are gifted a circumstance or situation that is much like being given the key to unlock your prison cell. We realize this is not what we really want and we have a chance to free ourselves.

But you have a choice: do you try to stay because you are accustomed to your limited life? Or do you take a chance to rebuild and shape the life you only dreamed of?

Starting over can be uncomfortable, at first. All of a sudden, you have an opportunity to focus all of your energy on yourself, but your mind desperately tries to cling to the past. You somehow still have hope that you can fix that broken situation…but you know better. You’ve already tried that a million times. You try to convince yourself that you were happy there, but you know you weren’t.

Don’t look back…you are not going that way.

At first it is hard to comprehend the reality that you will be happy again. The feeling of loss can be consuming. But you must recognize that what you are really losing by leaving a dysfunctional situation is fear, stress, and unhappiness. What this new start is opening you up for is love, peace, and freedom. And this happens when you love yourself enough to know that this dysfunction is not life. It happens when you recognize that you are too precious to ever suffer. You understand that you are the very heartbeat of God.

So everyday, I’d love for you to recognize your beauty and your divine gifts and find three things that you love about yourself. Then add three things that you’re grateful for. And then tell yourself that you love YOU! Hold yourself if you must, but know that you are enough. Put your health and happiness first, surround yourself with only love and positivity, and watch yourself transform magically. You will become whole (you are already perfect and whole as you are, you just have to see it too!), even though you may now feel like you are permanently broken (you are not!).

And whole people change the world simply because they have changed themselves (through loving themselves). So don’t have fear of the unknown. Don’t worry about giving up what you now think is comfortable. You know there is more out there for you. You know that you don’t want to suffer anymore. You know that you don’t want to live a life of limitation.You are a divine creation and unique emination of God. You are beautiful, brilliant, kind, compassionate, and deserving of every good thing. You do not deserve some kind of karmic punishment for wrongs you think you’ve committed. That has already been forgiven. God is for you, the Universe is for you, and everything is happening for your highest good. These circumstances and situations are enabling your evolution, you must simply choose to rise.

All that you must do now is lay down your burdens and take flight, love. And never let anyone or anything try to pull you back down ;)


For my Lex  <3



February 14, 2017


While it is very easy to get caught up in “what if” scenarios, there is only ever one decision in front of you at a time. And we can only ever make the best decision at the time with the information that we have.

In this regard, I think regret is largely shaped because we know that in those decisions (that we later came to regret), we ignored our intuition. We didn’t listen to our spirit. But this can be easy to do because the spirit comes to us as a whisper. Doubt, public opinion, fear, and insecurity shout at us.

It is for this reason that I came to realize that it is better for me to make big decisions with significant time and space. That may even mean being far away from the person, place, or situation I am considering.

But, whatever it is that you are working through, be gentle with yourself; recognize that you have only one decision in front of you; give yourself time and space to consider that decision; and, most importantly, listen to your spirit.




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February 7, 2017


I was reminded by social media that I have made some big announcements on this day in history…last year, I announced my move to Africa…in 2015, I met Oprah…and in 2013, I launched this website!  Perhaps every three years (2014, this year) I need rest haha But I am happy to report my good health :) A true blessing.

So, all of this got me thinking about one’s life path. I am sure that I could not have predicted my living situation back then (outside of a joking declaration that I was going to sell everything and move to an island haha). I had a feeling that I would write a book, but I didn’t know when. (I have a feeling that I will write another book, but I don’t know when.)

While I think it’s true that our current actions create our future situations, I think we tend to put too much pressure on ourselves. I’ve found that inspiration comes when it wants to…we just have to be ready for it. I think that readiness is an openness to something we had not previously considered that just feels like the right choice.

Now whether we judge that choice to be “right” or “wrong” in the future does not change the fact that choice was need for our growth. Something that we experienced was necessary for our evolution.

Sometimes, I find myself getting caught up in trying to make plans for the future, but days like this remind me that the future takes care of itself. It leads us beyond where we could have imagined, if only we remain open and thankful. That sense of gratitude allows positive vibes to manifest. We are then able to channel the limitless potential of the divine that lives within us all.


February 1, 2017


I used to say that it’s better to be busy than bored, but I’ve changed my mind. I’ve decided that boredom is a luxury haha It means that you don’t really have to be anywhere and you don’t really have to be doing anything. What freedom!

We live in a time where there are so many distractions that sitting still seems unproductive. There are always shows to watch, news articles to read, or activities to get lost in. I was speaking with two lovely ladies from London during lunch today and one commented that we have forgotten the simple joy of relaxing and listening to music. Too right. Though we met in Cabo Verde, both of our home countries are undergoing massive political changes. Perhaps more than ever, relaxation is a necessity for our countrymen/women!

At the root of it all, our minds love to be busy. Busyness gives the mind purpose, so there can be great inner resistance to anything that threatens its purpose. Even during calm times, the mind can start to fabricate scenarios and conversations that never happened (and probably never will happen!) just to stay active. Trying to make yourself think of nothing or something else can actually create a bounce back reaction and make you think those same thoughts with even more intensity!

So what can be done? Simply raise the level of your consciousness and watch your thoughts. Don’t judge, just watch and try to trace back and understand who is creating these thoughts.

Calm is stillness. Stillness is peace. Instead of fighting the quiet times, embrace them with gratitude, for these moments are gifts.

Namaste ;)


Photo source: my mobile phone ;) Santo Antao, Cabo Verde

January 26, 2017


Life can get heavy when we bear the burden of attachments and entanglements to Earthly things.

As I think back to almost a year ago when I sold and gave away pretty much everything I owned…and moved to Cape Verde with only two pieces of luggage…I better understood liberation. For so long, I felt like I couldn’t move or make big changes because I would have to deal  with all of my stuff…literally physical stuff. I was bound to these things in a way that went beyond ownership. It entangled my mind and emotions to consider what I would have to do to deal with all of the stuff. I had so much energy tied up in those things and I didn’t even know it.

A life of simplicity is the highest goal because it helps avoid unnecessary pitfalls that come from dealing with truly meaningless stuff that feels so meaningful. It frees energy and gives you the opportunity to pursue more meaningful explorations.

But beyond things, attachment has many forms. To people, to circumstances, and to thoughts and feelings…we can easily become attached. We can become attached to a person we are in a relationship with…just as we can become attached to the idea that some other person does not deserve our forgiveness. Detachment is not automatic…it requires awareness.

Once we become aware of the possibilities beyond our limited perception, our desire to hold on to things wanes. We begin to identify with freedom. And peace. We are able to let go and be free.


January 21, 2017


As I grabbed my computer to write a post yesterday, it was unresponsive. After spending some time charging and working through various troubleshooting steps, I was forced to confront the fact that after 7 years of faithful service, my MacBook Pro might indeed be toast. I accepted that reality and went to sleep last night haha

Since I’m back on the island, I don’t have the luxury of popping by an Apple Store, so for now I must use other devices and be thankful that I have those available. While my thoughts yesterday were about hope and the awareness that we have more than we think we do (no doubt inspired by the inauguration of Trump which still does not feel completely real to me), today my thoughts about desires and changes.

I think simply because change is inevitable, there is no end to desires. In many ways, we want life to be stagnant. We want to keep a certain feeling, a certain love, a trusty computer, or beloved President, but that is not how life works. Change happens. And as a result, desires are born. We may want to go back to a desired past or create a desired future. We may want this thing or that thing…this person or that person… The point is we typically desire something.

We imagine having control over every situation. And we may fail to see the bigger picture and lack the vision to see how everything blends together perfectly. We may feel styimied because our plans have been interrupted, but what if that change was necessary to put us back on our true course? (I am facing this reality as my plans for today were to record sample podcasts on my computer, which does not appear to be an option at present. Maybe the direction was intended to be for me to pen my next book?! ;)

If we can look upon these unexpected changes as blessings in disguise, our perspective shifts. We understand there is a higher power at work and we trust that the Universe is for us and unfolding in a way that is happening for our highest good. While it is natural to have desires, we cannot allow our lives to be led by them. Instead, having a spirit of gratitude for all that we have and faith for all that will be revealed allows us to ease any anxiety we might feel.

In all things, if we can flow with the unfolding of events like water and do only what we need to do (when we need to do it), we can find great peace.  We must acknowledge how all of our needs are being met and be thankful.

Desires come and go, but (like thoughts), we must simply watch them. We have to avoid getting ourselves unnecessarily tangled in the drama of trying to force a way when peace is most often found by letting it go. We do what we can and realize that must always be enough.




Photo source: My mobile phone — Cabo Verde :)

January 14, 2017


So often when we think of freedom, we think of the ability to do what we want when we want. This is one definition, but I find that internal traps that we create for ourselves can prevent us from getting to that point.

As I think of freedom now, I think of:

- Freedom from judgement

- Freedom from the need to be right (Freedom from always being right, too!)

- Freedom from criticism (self-criticism included)

- Freedom from feeling like everything has to be done right now (or yesterday…patience is really a virtue)

- Freedom from creating and enforcing restricting expectations of ourselves or others

- Understanding that it is okay to ask for help when needed. And that it is okay to ask for what you really want and need.

- Freedom to BE

- Allowing others the freedom to be

During my trip around the States, I received several messages from the Universe that I’m not quite there yet haha. But I think this newfound awareness has helped me to identify areas that require some release and I’m working on it.

Whenever we hold onto restricting viewpoints and expect others to confine to our way of being, we miss an opportunity for connection. Even if we tell ourselves that we are saying or doing those things to help others, we have to be cautious that we are not feeding our own egoic need to feel like a savior.

With that said, I still think boundaries are important. And I don’t think there is harm in communicating how you feel about something (or communicating to establish boundaries), as that might open up an opportunity for healing. But I think the sweet spot is found in loving in a way that others feel free without compromising ourselves in the process. We have to check if we are in other people’s business or our own. Are we creating limiting relationships or developing opportunities for expansion?

Chasing and forcing are unproductive. Letting things flow and remaining open gives us a chance to grow. It also provides others with the freedom to grow, too. The beauty of diversity in thought, opinion, and action is that it creates the potential for us to have a broader experience of life.

If someone is expressing an opinion that you don’t agree with, would it really kill you to remain open and listen politely? And to take that a step further, would it hurt to simply (and genuinely) thank the person for sharing their opinion without feeling the need to argue? If the other person is open to exchanging ideas, that is a beautiful thing. But that is not always the case, and there is growth in recognizing that someone is not in an energetic place to hear what you have to say. Sometimes, that person may need to work out their feelings about a situation just by talking it out. When you create space for compassionate listening, that too is a healing opportunity.

So I’m still learning. But I realize that things are not always as black and white as we want them to be. In all that is, we find that each creation is really just a unique mixture of ideas, experiences, and energy. As we can appreciate the beauty of the mix, we can love what IS instead of withholding love until that person (or thing) is what we desire it to be. Boundaries can still be held, but we don’t have to compromise our loving nature in the process.

In this journey to be authentically ourselves, I think it’s okay to ask for help. And it’s okay to appreciate those who open a window for you. Sometimes it can be a bit painful when you realize that person is holding a mirror up to you and revealing the thorn in your eye. (It is not always easy to see for yourself that you aren’t as open and loving as you thought you were!) But as we recognize this, we can take steps to remove those thorns and have more clear vision. In that way, we free ourselves. And in freeing ourselves, we always free others. And as we open more windows and breathe in the fresh air, we find that that air feels like freedom. And then internal walls we have built start falling down :)

Namaste <3

Photo source: The Great Wall of China


Author note: Written on flight from LA to NYC.

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