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Golden people
September 15, 2014


Many years ago, a man came up to me at a meditation center and asked me my race. I answered, but then he immediately countered and said, “No no…you are part of the Golden race! It is the new race that is a beautiful blend of all races. It is our wonderful future.” At the time, - Read More -

the passage of light
August 6, 2014


The master had preached for many years that life was but an illusion. Then, when his son died, he wept. His students came to him and said, “Master, how can you weep so when you have told us so many times that all things in this life are an illusion?” “Yes,” said the master, wiping - Read More -

sky view2
February 18, 2014


13 hours into my 15 hour flight to Hong Kong, my stomach started hurting. I knew I shouldn’t have eaten the airplane dinner with the questionable sauce! I guzzled Sprite and mint Mentos and tried to watch a movie. Gravity started making me dizzy so I changed to Cloudy With Chance of Meatballs 2. (15 hours is a - Read More -

yin and yang desert
February 9, 2014


Everything can be seen as a this; Everything can be seen as a that. The that depends on the this; the this mirrors the that. One follows from the other; each is inseparable from both. You can’t have right without wrong, life without death, the true without the false. The Master is not trapped in - Read More -

butterfly eye
January 26, 2014


This topic has been bouncing around my mind for a few days, so I am going to put off distractions (i.e. all forms of writing resistance haha) to try to share these ideas :) The thought of “living your truth” came about as I was commenting on the disappointing (long lasting) trend in media that - Read More -

January 19, 2014


This morning I read a remarkable perspective of how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ended the terror of living as a black person in the United States. The article discusses how he taught the black community to face their worst fears and, as a community, accept abuse with a non-violent reaction. In the ways of Gandhi, Dr. King - Read More -

duck walking on water
January 15, 2014


The Buddha taught: “If you are standing on one shore and want to cross over to the other shore, you have to use a boat or swim across. You cannot just pray, ‘Oh, other shore, please come over here for me to step across!’” To a Buddhist, praying without also practicing is not real prayer. - Read More -

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