birthday roses
May 27, 2015


Life has been busy. Working on various projects, traveling, finalizing my first book (more to come on this! :), and striving to make time for friends and family has taken a toll. I find myself making lists to keep up…and taking less time to wind down. But I remain so thankful. Today is my birthday - Read More -

have a rest
March 18, 2015


I am considering the importance of perspective from my hotel room in lovely (but very hot and humid!) Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. I think that life largely gives you what you expect. If you are expecting a difficult situation, full of conflict, that is often what you will receive. Alternatively, if you view the situation as easy - Read More -

count your blessings
January 24, 2015


As I near the final stages of recovery from the flu, I have become a little reflective. It is pretty clear that I had not been getting enough sleep in the midst of traveling and committing to too many things. I set myself up perfectly for being sick. And the flu had an astounding way - Read More -

in knots
November 19, 2014


Many weeks ago, a woman [that I didn't know] approached me in a parking garage and said, “I’m trying to get to your level.” I laughed her comment off with a smile and kept walking. But she continued, following me, and said, “I know it wasn’t easy.” We were walking together now towards the steps - Read More -

July 18, 2014


“Nothing can be done against the truth…no matter how we remain in denial Wasting time, replacing time with each empty excuse…but that will only work a little while… I beg you desperately..cause me to agree to what I know is best for me…” Love this track from Lauryn! Beautiful lyrics and composition. <3

yin and yang desert
February 9, 2014


Everything can be seen as a this; Everything can be seen as a that. The that depends on the this; the this mirrors the that. One follows from the other; each is inseparable from both. You can’t have right without wrong, life without death, the true without the false. The Master is not trapped in - Read More -

January 1, 2014


Time is a man-made creation… But it serves as a good reminder of how we can always make a new start. Every new year is a new chapter… Every new day, a new start… Every moment, a new beginning. Joy is found in enjoying each moment… For we are all truly blessed to have another - Read More -

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