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in knots
November 19, 2014


Many weeks ago, a woman [that I didn't know] approached me in a parking garage and said, “I’m trying to get to your level.” I laughed her comment off with a smile and kept walking. But she continued, following me, and said, “I know it wasn’t easy.” We were walking together now towards the steps - Read More -

AFGHN-10118, Victims of violence, Kandahar, Afghanistan, 1985
October 19, 2014


While reading Lao-tzu on this beautiful morning in Chicago, two passages about virtue (goodness) caught my eye and begged to be shared ;) PRACTICING VIRTUE To practice virtue is to selflessly offer assistance to others, giving without limitation one’s time, abilities, and possessions in service, whenever and wherever needed, without prejudice concerning the identity of those - Read More -

beside forever
September 28, 2014


While mentoring a high school student recently, I told her that life is about showing up and letting go. I explained to her that you have to continue to show up for new opportunities in life…but that you can only have room for new opportunities if you let go of past disappointments. She was a math - Read More -

September 24, 2014


A talented friend of mine (WISE100Doors!) performed this song last night and I was struck again by the majestic lyrics of this classic Bob Marley tune, “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; None but ourselves can free our minds.” We are, so often, slaves to our minds. We don’t question our thoughts…and this belief in the - Read More -

anatomy of a leaf
September 15, 2014


Height, weight, race, gender, hair color, eye color, hair length, clothes, address….these are all classified or observed on a simple American driver’s license. Our society is accustomed to these categorizations…and we typically take quick inventory of people that we meet to determine their classifications. And sometimes to determine if they “belong” or not. But do any - Read More -

Golden people
September 15, 2014


Many years ago, a man came up to me at a meditation center and asked me my race. I answered, but then he immediately countered and said, “No no…you are part of the Golden race! It is the new race that is a beautiful blend of all races. It is our wonderful future.” At the time, - Read More -

canadian beauty
August 23, 2014


Recently, I had a conversation with a loved one about religion. We talked a bit about Christianity, Taoism, and Zen…I expressed respect for one’s right to chose their own beliefs. I think I said something like love is my religion (haha). As a Christian, she expressed a desire to want me (and other loved ones) - Read More -

feeling tired
March 29, 2014


It’s almost 1am…I am in my hometown of Austin…and I had the realization that it’s been weeks since I wrote a post! Since my last post, I’ve been to Ohio, New Jersey, New York, briefly LA, El Paso, and now Austin!! I’m tired but still very happy that I’ve been able to see family and friends throughout - Read More -

blue lake
March 12, 2014


I was inspired to write a post tonight :) But honestly, I don’t really have anything to say haha I find that often happens when I get involved in too many things. However, today was a good day, so I turned to one of the many books around my bed for inspiration…with Pharrell’s new CD - Read More -

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