Throughout my journey, I have been privileged to see so much of the world, meet the most incredible people, and study with the best teachers. These experiences have brought me greater awareness and tremendous peace.

Deciding to walk away from my corporate career to move to an island in Africa opened me up to more freedom than I’ve ever known. That leap of faith also created an openness in me that ushered in a spiritual awakening, that continues to unfold. (As the saying goes, when the student is ready, the teacher appears!)

I’ve been inspired to write and speak about these experiences, on my journey to ultimate freedom, because I know that the gifts I’ve been given were meant to be shared. It is my sincere hope that others might be inspired to let go of anything that might be keeping them from experiencing the unending joy, peace, and freedom that is our true nature.

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Selena Sage is an author of inspiring books, owner of ZenTao Books (publishing), and inspirational speaker. Sage hosts the podcast, Live Free with Selena Sage + developed and facilitates Instantly Zen live events and sessions to help others transcend stressful thoughts and discover lasting peace.

Born and raised in Austin, TX, Selena Sage graduated from the LBJ Science Academy (now LASA), and then went on to graduate from the Honors Program of Engineering and Management at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. After working for twelve years as an executive at various Fortune 500 companies (including Motorola and Google), Sage’s search for freedom compelled her to leave everything behind and move to the remote island of Santo Antão in Cabo Verde, Africa.

Sage founded ZENTAO BOOKS, and is author of Meditative Questions: Zen + Tao Inspired — a full-color book of reflective questions, paired with colors, meant to promote peace; unbreakable — a full-color book of thought-provoking poems and photographs designed to encourage evolution; Get Free: 7 Simple Steps to Free Your Mind & Live Your Dreams — a transformative guide, complete with brief stories and exercises, that inspires life-changing actions; HAIKU to be free (enlightenment is always free!) — a book of haiku poetry to support meditative reflection on nature and freedom; and Finding Freedom Where You Are: Zen reflections of a globe-trotting nomad — a collection of Zen reflections by Sage that point to ultimate freedom. Sage is a student of Zen Masters Bodhidharma, Bankei, Basho, Taoist Master Lao Tzu, and Advaita Zen Master Mooji.





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