May 2015

May 30, 2015


Defense is the first act of war.  Byron Katie shared this wisdom and I think it’s true. As soon as we become defensive, it seems that we invite conflict. I find that I have these moments when I try to create boundaries.  Now if I was being like water and letting things flow naturally, this – Read More –

May 27, 2015


Life has been busy. Working on various projects, traveling, finalizing my first book (more to come on this! :), and striving to make time for friends and family has taken a toll. I find myself making lists to keep up…and taking less time to wind down. But I remain so thankful. Today is my birthday – Read More –

May 17, 2015


A psychic (that I met in a mall) once told me that I would travel a lot. I nodded when she said it, but I had no idea I’d be living in the sky haha Though the travel gets hectic and tiring, I can say that it has given me a different perspective. I see the – Read More –

May 10, 2015


The great thing about having your own website/blog is that you can write whatever you want! haha Though I often make more general posts, today I feel like being specific. My mother is love and light bottled up. She’s beautiful, brilliant, compassionate, caring, and beyond supportive! This morning, we laughed about one of my first – Read More –

May 5, 2015


Recently, I reread bits of “Zen: The Path of Paradox” by Osho. The book provides a lovely description of Zen, and I was particularly intrigued by this passage, starting with the following sutra: Like the empty sky it has no boundaries, yet it is right in this place, ever profound and clear. Osho then advises, – Read More –

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