January 2015

January 29, 2015


I always consider water to be the element of Taoism. Water represents flow, impermanence, and humility. You cannot step into the same river twice. Like life, the river changes constantly. From the Tao Te Ching: The highest good is like water. Water gives life to the ten thousand things and does not strive. It flows in – Read More –

January 27, 2015


  Sometimes when I’m intensely focused on something — or even during a massage! — I will suddenly realize that I’m holding my breath. This does not happen to the point of being unable to breathe, but just enough to make me aware that I’m not relaxed. In those moments of realization, I remind myself – Read More –

January 24, 2015


As I near the final stages of recovery from the flu, I have become a little reflective. It is pretty clear that I had not been getting enough sleep in the midst of traveling and committing to too many things. I set myself up perfectly for being sick. And the flu had an astounding way – Read More –

January 24, 2015


Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997) was a phenomenal artist, known for utilizing Ben-Day dots — rendered by hand using paint and stencils — to create art that has always reminded me of comic book images come to life. I previously featured another of Roy’s works within the post entitled NO ONE AS BAD AS YOU ;) As it sometimes happens, I – Read More –

January 22, 2015


A Hasidic rabbi, talking about daybreak, the time for certain holy prayers, asked his pupils how they could tell when night had ended and day had begun. “Is it when you can see an animal in the distance and know whether it’s a sheep or a dog?” “No,” answered the rabbi. “Is it,” asked another – Read More –

January 21, 2015


The march on Selma was a turning point in American history for equal voting rights in the 1960s. I have been a fan of Ava DuVernay’s since I first saw her masterful short film, The Door, which I posted on the site almost two years ago! (You can see it by clicking here.) Ava directed the – Read More –

January 13, 2015


It is just love and I now, doing whatever happens. If someone were to spill some soup upon me, I would understand, knowing it wanted to get close the best it could. All comes your way for a reason. Everything is working the room and making valuable connections. It snowed once, more than it had – Read More –

January 9, 2015


The entire teaching of Buddhism can be summed up in this way: Nothing is worth holding on to. – Jack Kornfield It sometimes happens that I don’t publish a post because it doesn’t feel quite right. It could be the image, the direction of the content, or a vibe that there’s something else missing. The – Read More –

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