October 11, 2014


After a fun, full day in San Francisco, I’m up at 2am on a Saturday thinking about change. While it is true that things change, I’m inspired to say that we experience pain because we fail to realize that our expectations change. We anticipate future outcomes (i.e. illusions) based on our expectations. These desired future outcomes are simply what we – Read More –

May 28, 2014


Though I did not have the privilege of knowing Dr. Maya Angelou personally, I feel like I did. Her spirit reminds me so much of my grandmother’s. My amazing grandmother was also very fond of saying, “When you know better, you do better,” and “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time,” two – Read More –

September 4, 2013


Rabia of Basra (C. 717-801), a Sufi Saint, and perhaps the first to introduce the concept of Divine Love…that one should not love God for fear of Hell or the promise of Heaven but that God should be loved for God’s own sake. Rabia was born 500 years before Rumi, and was perhaps the greatest influence – Read More –

June 22, 2013


Living with that guy, how could you have not gone nuts; I bet he even lied, the coward. I know why God comes to this earth as a man, in hopes of redeeming that gender. God knows he owes us women — big time, for the way those brutes usually act. – Mira   Mira – Read More –

May 10, 2013


Reading the beautiful poetry of Indian poet Radindranath Tagore (1861-1941….Thanks, S!) reminded me so much of another favorite [Lebanese] poet of mine: Khalil Gibran (1883-1931)! Contemporaries in age, both were distinguished by their beautiful poetry…and interestingly by their involvement in politics. Though neither would probably have considered themselves politicians…Gibran used to say, “Spare me the – Read More –

April 23, 2013


Nelson Mandela (1918-present: aged 94) was the first black President of South Africa (1994-1999) and a hugely inspiration figure. After serving 27 years in prison, he somehow managed to keep his sense of purpose (and humor later saying, “In my country, we go to prison first and then become President”!) to abolish apartheid and establish the – Read More –

February 28, 2013


Perhaps one of the best known Egyptian queens [and a personal favorite] is Nefertiti, meaning, “the beautiful one has come”.

Known for her great beauty, Queen Nefertiti was married to Pharaoh Amenhotep IV [who later changed his name to Akhenaten], and ruled by his side. Together, Nefertiti and Akhenaten, are most known for establishing Aten [the Sun] as the sole deity…a dramatic departure from the traditional polytheistic beliefs of the Egyptians. The two were depicted riding in chariots together and even kissing, suggesting a genuine romantic connection.

Nefertiti is thought to be one of the most powerful women who ever ruled, and her husband went to great lengths to display her as an equal counterpart in artistic depictions of the time. Queen Nefertiti is shown wearing the crown of the pharaoh and even smiting enemies in battle, illustrating her great power.

– Read More –

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