December 15, 2013


The concept of contentment has been brewing in my mind.  This morning, a friend shared a phenomenal video that was simply beautiful and really helps to redefine the entire concept of what is considered beautiful (you can watch it here. I would only suggest that instead of the title, “Because Who Is Perfect?”, I would suggest, – Read More –

February 25, 2013


People are awesome :) I love characters, so this really made me smile! You can’t be upset when you’re smiling, so even if you have to force yourself…just go find a mirror and smile at yourself…you’ll feel better right away! [There’s no better time than now!] If you can find it within yourself to be – Read More –

February 22, 2013


  In keeping with the cool theme of the day, this is such a creative piece of art and fashion, it begged to be shared :)   Photo source: porcelain dress

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