October 2019

October 21, 2019


I’m inspired to share this video from my hike this past weekend, here in Santo Antao :) With all things, I hope that you are inspired to release all that does not serve you and keep moving! ;)   xo,

October 14, 2019


After taking a quick trip to the neighbor island for supplies, I was reminded of the importance of adventure. Doing new things can introduce you to new people and experiences and this is often very expansive. Because of a small decision I made to have a hammock on my balcony, I’ve been led to the – Read More –

October 7, 2019


I rarely cry, but just a few minutes ago, as I was doing my evening stretches, tears began to leak out of my eyes as I was flooded with immense gratitude for everything in my life. I was inspired to thank my ancestors (Grams, Momsie, and O’ma) and I felt their responses in certain phrases – Read More –

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