A psychic (that I met in a mall) once told me that I would travel a lot.

I nodded when she said it, but I had no idea I’d be living in the sky haha

Though the travel gets hectic and tiring, I can say that it has given me a different perspective. I see the big picture, but like a hawk with laser vision, I feel more able to focus on what’s important.

For example, this week I was only home for one day before flying out again (I’m writing this from the airport!). In one day, there were very specific things that I needed to do. There were other things I would have liked to do (including getting a massage!), but available time and energy forced prioritization.

When we believe there is endless time, we become less focused on our goals. Procrastination becomes simple.

Thankfully, my time in the sky has given me more clarity around what I’d like to share. My focused time on the ground is helping me get it done ;)


Photo source: My mobile phone.