After taking a quick trip to the neighbor island for supplies, I was reminded of the importance of adventure. Doing new things can introduce you to new people and experiences and this is often very expansive.

Because of a small decision I made to have a hammock on my balcony, I’ve been led to the most wonderful people! I’ve re-connected with my awesome carpenter, received help from the lovely team at Terra Lodge hotel in Mindelo (one of my favorite hotels!), and was directed to an amazing hammock company in France (, where the kind owner has gone above and beyond to help me! (Merci Daniel!) I’m so grateful!!

Routines are easy to get into, and sometimes they are beneficial! But see if you can switch up your schedule just a little and try something new. The people you meet and experiences you have might just be the spark your creativity was missing! ;)



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Photo: Returning back to my island. I liked the play of light and shadow—taking a picture of myself in the sun, and then taking a picture of the sun. Plus I liked how the sun illuminated my third eye ;)