The concept of contentment has been brewing in my mind.  This morning, a friend shared a phenomenal video that was simply beautiful and really helps to redefine the entire concept of what is considered beautiful (you can watch it here. I would only suggest that instead of the title, “Because Who Is Perfect?”, I would suggest, “Perfect As Is” :). The vid features an artist using dimensions and details of differently-abled persons (my new very much preferred term to “handicapped” or “disabled”) to create new mannequins. I had a flood of emotions when one woman participant said, “It is so special to see yourself like this…when usually you can’t look at yourself in the mirror…”

Those kinds of comments bring me to my knees. How did we become like this as a society? That there are so many in our world who do not feel special or beautiful because society does not promote their reality as beauty… That others could be unkind just because someone is different… We need more videos and outlets to promote the beauty that exists in us all. And then I found the photo featured on this post… :)

Honestly, I searched “Contentment” and this photo was the first I saw. How perfect! The awesome photographer, Sreekumar Mahadevan Pillai, beautifully describes his photo and provided me with my new preferred term “differently abled persons”: “This photo is a tribute to the most special show of talent I have seen on stage recently. This stage show was performed by – ‘Ability Unlimited’ – a voluntary, non-profit social service organization for differently abled persons. This organization works for recognizing, nurturing and enabling hidden potential and talents within differently abled youngsters.”

Mr Pillai explained that the show “evoked a sense of bewilderment, joy and contentment like any other artistic creation of excellence.” How wonderful! I was amazed by the shows on the Ability Unlimited website….and it is certainly on my list of things to see on my future (2015?) trip to India! :) What a beautiful program and how I would love to see the Sufi dance or Rumi or Martial Arts…all On Wheels!


The beauty of this celebration for differently abled persons in fashion and the arts is beautiful and I can only hope that it inspires you and others to celebrate all forms of beauty. For we are all one.

And with all things related to the awesome topic of contentment, I am always reminded of one of my favorite Taoist parables:

There was once a man with one eye walking along the road, bemoaning his fate in life. But then he met a blind man along the way and was suddenly very happy and thankful, for he realized how lucky he was to have two eyes. He whistled merrily down the road…until he met the man with two beautiful eyes. Then he was once again depressed, and he cursed fate for only having one eye.

The lesson is that joy can never come from comparison. There will always be those who have more…and those who have less…of whatever you are comparing. The secret to joy is being content in what you have and loving yourself ‘as is’ in every moment. 


Photo source: With Abilities Unlimited by Sreekumar Mahadevan Pillai