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May 8, 2024


Namaste dear one. I have quietly launched a new coaching service, Mindfulness Meditation Coach, to transform stress to peace through greater awareness and insight. You can learn more here. Also, the first episodes of Season 7 of my podcast, “Live Free with Selena Sage” are now streaming here. Updates on the Moon Bungalows retreat space – Read More –

November 28, 2023

Season 6 of Live Free with Selena Sage — now streaming

Namaste dear one. Thank you for your ongoing and beautiful support of my podcast. I appreciate you. The full 50 episodes of Season 6 of Live Free with Selena Sage are now streaming! You may listen or find links here. May you always return and find peace in the fullness and beauty of this present – Read More –

October 6, 2023


Namaste dear one, I am excited to announce an upcoming partnership with Moon Bunglows — opening 2024 in Santo Antão, Cabo Verde — to provide 1:1 Zen + Guided Meditations! Santo Antão is a special island with great spiritual energy. Moon is a beautiful place — centrally located near the ocean, mountains, and green Paúl – Read More –

July 2, 2023

“Finding Freedom Where You Are” print edition now available

Namaste dear one. It is my pleasure to share that the full-color print edition of “Finding Freedom Where You Are” is now available on Amazon here. A Zen Retreat + Artistic Experience in a book. The canvas is the page, the content is a guide.  For a one minute video overview, please click here. This – Read More –

February 19, 2023


My core collapsed. The deep rumble started in my center, and it felt like the soft, repeated strikes of a finely wrapped mallet on a deep bass drum. With every beat, my form expanded outwards. As the drumming intensified, I braced myself for the explosive crescendo…but it never came. Instead, every piece of my form – Read More –

January 6, 2023

Finding Freedom Where You Are

Namaste dear one! It is a joy for me to announce the official release of my fifth book, Finding Freedom Where You Are: Zen reflections of a globe-trotting nomad! This project has been a major artistic and spiritual undertaking as I endeavored to capture the key spiritual lessons I’ve learned over the last seven years – Read More –

July 30, 2022

Season 5: Live Free with Selena Sage

Namasté dear one. After a whirlwind, glorious, ten-month roadtrip around the USA and Canada, I rested for a few months on the island in Santo Antão, Cabo Verde. That was also glorious! I’ve just returned to the USA after a month spent hopping happily around Europe! The adventures have been truly wonderful and I am – Read More –

June 22, 2021

USA Roadtrip!

When I was on the island, I dreamt of coming to America to surprise my beautiful mother for Mother’s Day and I imagined buying a car to take a leisurely trip around the United States to see loved ones and new lands. Magically, all of the saints and sages decided to co-sign my dreamy plan! – Read More –

January 25, 2021


Drop everything.Even you. ⁣ Bonus: What remains? ⁣ —— A direct way to discover your true nature is by dropping everything — your thoughts, feelings, ideas, images, memories, hopes, plans, traumas, and triumphs. ⁣Then drop YOU — your idea of who you think you are; you as the person. ⁣ What remains? ⁣ Namasté and – Read More –

November 26, 2020


Namasté dear one. On the last episode of season 3 of my podcast (listen to “Live Free with Selena Sage” here), I announced that I was taking some time away from social media. Between then and now, I’ve been developing Instantly Zen, which I’m so excited to introduce! (I’ll share details about what it is at the end of this post because this message is focused on how Instantly Zen came to be.)

At the time that I disabled social media (way back on October 17th haha), I knew that I needed to take a step away from everything. I felt something new trying to bubble to the surface and I needed to block out all of the noise.

In the silence, I generated a lot of ideas, and I’m so thankful for persons in my “inner circle” who gave me feedback, both helpful and harsh haha, to get me closer to what this idea needed to be.

I admit freely that my first idea / presentation was off the mark, but putting it on-screen and sharing it allowed me to process it; the feedback I received helped me strengthen it; and as I developed it, I ended up weaving in parts of the original idea that were worth keeping.

I say this because often times we try to process ideas in our heads and resist sharing them with others for various reasons. Those reasons for not sharing can sound like: “It’s not ready,” “It’s not perfect,” “They will steal it,” “They will tell someone else who will steal it.” But please let me tell you that original ideas are never really ready or perfect; most people don’t have the know-how or energy to actually develop and execute the idea like you can; and if you have that concern about a person stealing or sharing your idea with the wrong person, they probably shouldn’t be in your inner circle.

That said, know, too, that thoughts are constantly changing, so the mental-development method is not really that trustworthy. Instead, I find there is great power in taking a moment to jot down random ideas that come up, and choosing to work through the idea that you vibrate with on the highest frequency (meaning, you keep thinking of it or it stands out).

Once you’ve made that mock-up, treat it like a first draft and share it with only a very small number of very trusted people (two or three) that will give you honest perspective. Then, prepare yourself for both positive and negative feedback and stay open to both. Don’t let negative feedback discourage you, and lean into positive feedback (even if it’s your own belief that it will work) to fuel you as you take the next steps forward to fine-tune your first idea.

– Read More –
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