Namasté dear one. After a whirlwind, glorious, ten-month roadtrip around the USA and Canada, I rested for a few months on the island in Santo Antão, Cabo Verde. That was also glorious! I’ve just returned to the USA after a month spent hopping happily around Europe! The adventures have been truly wonderful and I am so thankful.

During that time, I’ve sporadically shared stories and thoughts in Season 5 of my podcast, Live Free with Selena Sage.

The podcast remains ad-free, and I thank you for subscribing, sharing, and recommending the podcast. Our community is beautiful…and so are you!

Due to the difficulty of keeping all of my various platforms updated while I travel, I’ve focused mostly on keeping Instagram updated (link here), and I’ve also started a TikTok account to share videos (more good vibes, link here).

Thank you for joining me on my adventures! I hope you enjoy this season of the podcast.