January 6, 2023

Finding Freedom Where You Are

Namaste dear one! It is a joy for me to announce the official release of my fifth book, Finding Freedom Where You Are: Zen reflections of a globe-trotting nomad! This project has been a major artistic and spiritual undertaking as I endeavored to capture the key spiritual lessons I’ve learned over the last seven years – Read More –

June 22, 2021

USA Roadtrip!

When I was on the island, I dreamt of coming to America to surprise my beautiful mother for Mother’s Day and I imagined buying a car to take a leisurely trip around the United States to see loved ones and new lands. Magically, all of the saints and sages decided to co-sign my dreamy plan! – Read More –

March 31, 2020

Peace During Uncertain Times

Times are always uncertain, but we don’t always feel it. Sometimes we think we are in control, but that is an illusion of control. When we feel that things are uncertain, we don’t feel in control….and, in fact, this feeling is closer to reality. During these times, we are forced to live in faith as – Read More –

February 10, 2020

New Podcast: Live Free with Selena Sage

I am excited to announce that I have launched a new podcast!! “Live Free with Selena Sage” is now live and available on all major podcasting platforms, including Apple, Google, and Spotify!! Please visit anchor.fm/selenasage for direct links to your podcast platform of choice, or download the free Anchor app to leave me voice and – Read More –

May 19, 2019


Words cannot truly express my appreciation for all of those who came to Casa de Luz yesterday (even in the rain!) for the book launch of my third book, Get Free: 7 Simple Steps to Free Your Mind & Live Your Dreams. I am still processing the wonderful event, and the joy I felt at – Read More –

July 31, 2018


After spending almost a month back on my island, I traveled to Portugal (mid-June) to attend an advanced spiritual retreat with Zen Master Mooji. I met Mooji for the first time in 2017 and was transformed by his teachings. His direct and accessible style, his sense of humor, his pointings and his PRESENCE were life – Read More –

December 31, 2016


Ram Dass said, “If you think you are enlightened, spend a week with your family.” I saw this just after being with my family for a week in Texas and I laughed out loud haha! Specifically, I think I could have been more patient. I have the kindest, most generous and loving mother in the – Read More –

November 25, 2016


Sometimes we sabotage ourselves. Whenever we say to ourselves, or to others, things like: “I don’t have enough time” or “I don’t have enough money” or “I’m not good enough”… …we unknowingly add energy to those thoughts. Thinking and verbalizing these thoughts adds exponentially more power to these thoughts. Because of the energy that is – Read More –

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