Sometimes we sabotage ourselves. Whenever we say to ourselves, or to others, things like:

“I don’t have enough time” or

“I don’t have enough money” or

“I’m not good enough”…

…we unknowingly add energy to those thoughts. Thinking and verbalizing these thoughts adds exponentially more power to these thoughts. Because of the energy that is generated, these limiting beliefs become your reality. 

Instead, if you speak and verbalize such things as:

“I have abundant time” and

“I am blessed with limitless resources” and

I am enough“…

…you are speaking truth into existence. The Source of our creation is truly unlimited. When we understand this, we live in connection with the Source and are not bound by limitations that we create for ourselves. There is a simple test to show that this is true:

Step 1

Simply speak the limiting beliefs (at the top) aloud. When you say and think these words, you will feel drained. You may start think about how you can change that negative reality by focusing on this false, limiting belief that you do not have enough. But the truth is that when you think of not having enough, you only attract more of not having enough. We attract more of what we focus on…whether it is positive or negative.


Step 2

Now, let’s cleanse those negative vibes! Take a deep breath and speak truth into existence. Happily proclaim, I HAVE ABUNDANT TIME! And I AM BLESSED WITH LIMITLESS RESOURCES! And I AM ENOUGH! You should feel a weight lifted. You may feel a smile in your inner being that radiates outward. Don’t fight this feeling, embrace it. This is what truth feels like :)

So now is the time to free yourself! It starts with adjusting your thinking. If ever you find yourself thinking or speaking a limiting belief, stop yourself. Reverse course and quickly replace this false views with the unlimited abundance that is your birthright!

And as we celebrate this season, let us maintain our spirit of gratitude for all that is and all that will be. I recently saw a favorite quote from Oprah that is a great reminder: “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

Wishing you beautiful holidays ahead!



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Author note: After I wrote this, titling the post “Limiting Beliefs” seemed rather limiting! Haha! I considered changing the title to something more limitless, but I decided to stick with the original title because it motivated the content and may be what others need to be inspired to read this post. I also hope the image selected will portray a feeling of calm and limitless possibility to others as it did for me <3 Namaste.

Photo source: Blue