Sometimes I feel that I’m on the road more than I am at home! It is through these travels that I have been fortunate to make new friends and gain new perspectives. It has been my practice to stay in hotels I enjoy (with people I click with instantly), particularly in cities I visit often. This has been my salvation.

It would be impossible to name every person in every city who has made a difference in my life. There are so many! But over the past two weeks, there have been two friends in the hospitality industry to whom I must provide special thanks:

In sickness (this week in Cleveland), my friend DeBorah has gone out of her way to make everything easy for me in a way that I truly appreciate. She is, without a doubt, my favorite person in Ohio and a source of many laughs and good times. I’m so thankful for her friendship!

In health (last week in San Francisco), my friend Miguel was so kind to help me see two of my favorite basketball teams play. Miguel is one of the coolest people I know. I now eat at the bar instead of calling for room service just to hang out and chat with him and other guests when I’m in the Bay. Super thankful to know him!

Friends like these have helped me to see that when I travel alone, I am not a lone tree in the snow. Rather, I am simply a branch among many, connected through creation. We are one. I am so thankful.


Photo source: Balance by Todd Klassy