One of my favorite restaurants in LA is called Cafe Gratitude. As I sit in the downtown Arts District location, I’m filled with so much gratitude. The time that I have been able to spend with family and friends during this trip has been incredible!  And the kindness and love I’ve been shown is hard to put into words. I’ve been gifted healing sessions and meals…had so many people make time to hang out…and so many good vibes shared. And what an honor to have my book sell out at all retail locations in LA! Wow! Just today, when I took more books to M’Pressions (a greaaat shop that sells the book in a Redondo Beach), I had the fortune to meet a beautiful spirit who bought the book on the spot and asked me to sign it…the same thing happened when I brought more books to Alice’s Quiet Mind Bookstore at the Agape International Spiritual Center. These experiences were such a gift from the Universe! I am thankful. And I am inspired by everyone cheering me on for my next (undetermined) project! Angels, one and all ;)

Sometimes our path can feel fuzzy. We are unsure of what direction to take and we can get caught up in our indecision. But I’m reminded that there is only one decision that needs to be made at a time. All of the competing noise is just that. Centering ourselves in gratitude for all that IS allows us to be prepared for all that will be.

I met with a lovely energetic healer this week who challenged me with this question: “What if the world is perfect as it is?” What if the world didn’t need saving? What if this world of duality is just a school meant to teach us how to get in tune with our True Self? What if that loving connection is all that we really long for and need? What if all of these dramas are playing out in the world to get us THERE?

So many questions :) But as we expand our consciousness and LIVE the questions, we are inexplicably led back to a place of gratitude.

May we rise above the nonessential and lose ourselves in love. In this moment, I hope that you breathe in beauty and feel the love that always surrounds you.

Namaste. And so much love to all of the beings of light who make my world shine brighter. <3


Photo source: My phone ;)