In my second book, “unbreakable,” I have a poem called Let Go:

I’ve been thinking of this poem so much lately as I’ve been led to let go of new things. Even when it’s hard, I’ve learned to let go with love—with thanks and gratitude for experiences and lessons learned.

I know that this letting go is to empty me of all of my attachments to make space for communion with the Absolute. But when I truly let go of everything, I become space itself and know myself to be Awareness itself—the space from which all is arising from and all can be observed within. This is always me.

But why is this so hard? Why are attachments so strong? It is the strength of the personal identity and conditioned mind that keeps us clinging to this limited form. Being Awareness—what we truly are— is the ultimate peace, but perhaps the desire for experience keeps making the Attention become identified with the personal mind.

This feels like a struggle—to break free of the mind and stay as the Awareness that we are, but that too is a trick of the mind. We can never not be what we are. We must choose the high.

The waves come and go, but I know myself truly to be the ocean from which all of the waves arise from.

How I pray that I will finally move past the tendency to identify as the personal mind. I pray to be free of the limited one who becomes troubled, and stay as the Awareness I know myself to be. This is my prayer for you too.

Namasté and love,

Image from my evening walk today in my city of Ponta do Sol, Cabo Verde.