Look at that rainbow.

It is only when the sky cries

that you see the colors

in the light.



Recently, several dear friends have “lost” loved ones. I put lost in quotation marks because I don’t believe that we ever truly lose anyone…even when they pass from this life. I believe the love remains. Even if we feel our heart breaking, we must know that the cracks formed only serve to let more love in. That increased love is what fortifies us even when we feel that all is lost.

When we take a few moments to feel the Love that always surrounds us, we are able to connect with It. And like sunshine on flowers, it will help us grow in love and understanding. There is a beautiful Native American proverb:


The Soul would have no rainbows if the eyes had no tears.



Photo source:  An epic rainbow by Samuel Banas


Dedicated to all who have loved and “lost.”