During my hike yesterday, I was captivated by this small, clear pool of water. Because the water was calm and unagitated, I could see the rocks below very clearly. In the same way, when we are calm and still, we are able to see things clearly. 

Every new year, I try to take a moment to reflect on highlights from the previous year and things I’d like to carry over and expand on in the new year. I find that though every year includes some kind of sadness or loss, there is always something to be grateful for…there are always moments that we‘ve overcome something we didn’t think we would. And we know that simply because we are still here. 

In this new year, I hope that you will take time to appreciate your ‘wins’ and learn from your ‘losses’. Know truly that these moments manifested to push you toward truth…toward your truest Self. I wish you a beautiful year, full of wonderful moments…and I wish you peace, calmness, and stillness. My hope is that in that quiet, joy, love, and light will all find you. 



Photo source: from my 11.1 mile hike, ending in Sinagoga, Santo Antao, Cabo Verde 1/1/2020