True faith in God means that all is happening by God’s will. In this way, there is no idea of “doership” beyond devotion. In perfect faith, there is simply no space for anything other than worship. There is no space for worry.

The practice of self-inquiry dissolves even you! From the position of the Absolute—the Infinite, the Void, the Tao—there is no-thing at all.

Even from the position of the Observer Consciousness, worry can be seen to arise from no-where and no-thing into a space made of a collection of thoughts we call the “mind.” Belief in this mind creates the person, and it is only through identification with the person that any worry can be felt.

Simply sharing my morning thoughts for your contemplation :) Namasté. 



“If you truly believe in God and have faith, how could you ever worry?

If you truly know what you are, why would you become attached to any worry you see arising in you?” — Selena Sage