I have been traveling (around the world) for almost a year straight, and it is hard to put into words what that feels like. While the experiences, people, and places have been great, my body has reminded me of the importance of rest.

While I feel the excitement of new things on the horizon, it sometimes feels like I’m in the clouds. Personhood tells me to pick a path, spirit tells me to relax and know that the path will come to me.

Even in these moments of seeming indecision, I know that grace shines upon me. I am ever thankful for all of my blessings of abundance, and I shift my consciousness into the space of awareness, knowing that all is well. In this space, more than any other, I know that rest is the greatest gift. All is well, and all will be well. Life takes care of life…and for that, I am immensely grateful.



Photo above was taken at the start of a hike on my island of Santo Antão in Cabo Verde. The view was breath-taking, and the six hour hike with my dear friend from Germany was intense and nourishing…just like life can be :)

It is worth noting that when we broke through the clouds, the path was made clear :)