Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997) was a phenomenal artist, known for utilizing Ben-Day dots — rendered by hand using paint and stencils — to create art that has always reminded me of comic book images come to life.

I previously featured another of Roy’s works within the post entitled NO ONE AS BAD AS YOU ;) As it sometimes happens, I received a very kind and complimentary note about the post (always appreciated! :) . This note happened to come from a member of the Artsy team responsible for setting up the awesome Roy Lichtenstein page on their site…they simply asked if I might include a link to their site for fans of Roy’s works. Of course I’m happy to help! You may find their site: here.

In creating this post, I wanted to select one of Roy Lichtenstein’s images from their page, and I kept coming back to the featured image, Nude Reading. Quite simply, it reminded me of myself :)


Photo source:  Nude Reading, 1994 – Artsy Roy Lichtenstein page


Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997) was an American pop artist, whose work was influenced by both popular advertising and comic book style. His paintings have set records for auction value and are on display at many major museums around the world. (Click here for a more detailed biography for Roy.) Many of his works have been re-captioned…in addition to the beautiful artistry, his images are just plain fun! :)