DEAR SAGE: I happen to have the privilege of knowing you personally (which is why I didn’t include my email) and I want to tell those that don’t know you that you are the real deal! I’ve never known anyone to have such a consistent positive attitude (and be no-nonsense when needed) and somehow know everyone that works at the local grocery store and restaurants! You greet everyone with a smile and people just seem to love you! So I’m writing to ask you how do you do it?! Please teach me Sage! :)

DEAR ANONYMOUS FRIEND:  Wow! Thank you so much for the kind words! I remember reading this quote once that flattery is like chewing gum…you should enjoy it, but not swallow it haha I will enjoy it, but I still had to pause for a minute before posting because it might blow the whole humility thing out of the water haha However, you didn’t include your email, so alas I have to post so you will see my response ;) Though, before I address your question, I’d just like to say that if you should ever want to handle my Public Relations, please just let me know! haha But ok…on to your question!

I feel very fortunate to have been blessed with a positive outlook, among other gifts. I don’t know if positivity something I was born with or that I worked on, but I think it’s the root of everything for me. (I feel that I’m on the hot seat this time since the question is about me, so I’ll just say that I do have my moments too!) The key for me is just always finding a way to get back to that positive place. The way I do that is simple: I take a few moments to think of all of my blessings and I thank God. Immediately after doing that, I find myself looking for ways to give to others simply because I am so grateful.

I don’t give in order to receive (I give for the sake of giving)…but I think that’s the way it works. As you said, you noticed that I gave a smile and received love in return. And that’s just it…I wasn’t waiting for a smile to receive one…I gave one and got one back! It doesn’t always happen, but you can’t control other people’s reactions…only your own.

So if I was to give you concise advice, I would say: Be thankful always and give as much as you can to others…even if it’s just a smile!

YOU are a star! YOU are a divine emanation of the Creator! You can trust and know that there is always something to be thankful for…and I hope that you will take a few moments daily to recognize those gifts! And YOU are a great and kind friend to provide such a publicly positive message for the site! Thank you! ;)

Love and light,

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