DEAR SAGE: There is this girl in my grade and she is so mean to me! She talks behind my back, she laughs at whatever I do! When I saw her at pinkberry a frozen yogurt place she acted so nice because my mom was there.  She is so popular so everybody likes her. Now she turned everybody against me. What should I do?

DEAR NICE GIRL: I am sorry to hear this! Unfortunately, this type of situation can happen all throughout life because the girl you describe is probably very unhappy. Because she is not happy with herself, she tries to make you miserable too. You may never understand why she is unhappy and treating you poorly, but that is okay. What you can control is how you react to her.

My advice is that the best thing you can do is to smile when she laughs at you and simply walk away. Don’t let her actions control you! Bullies may have some attention for a while, but eventually, people will want to spend their time with someone who is nicer. So you should focus on being your wonderful self and not worry about this mean girl!

You are AMAZING! Otherwise she wouldn’t care to be mean to you. You are KIND and you are WISE because you choose not to be mean in return! You are a STAR, so keep shining! Everything will work out just fine if you choose to rise above her negative actions and keep being wonderful YOU! ;)

Love and light,

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