During my time in Singapore, my new friend Xavier (Chief Concierge at the Sofitel) encouraged me to experience life as a native Singaporean would. Since I’d visited all of the main sites of the city during previous trips, I thought it was an excellent idea.

As a Singaporean would, I took the MRT subway (very nice, clean, and easy to follow — similar to Tokyo) to Tiong Bahru and hopped a SMRT bus to the Tiong Bahru market. The heat was intense, but I had lovely conversations with native Singaporeans (including the most hilarious Ringo Star!) and soon escaped inside for an ice cream and a (great!) massage. Following that, I wandered a bit more and discovered an art studio and book store. At “Books Actually,” I was inspired to discover works by Singaporean artists and was introduced to the works of a photographer named Nguan (work pictured).

The book was entitled, “How Loneliness Goes,” and I was struck by the emotions captured. I could immediately relate to each person pictured and I was moved. Since purchasing the book and viewing some of the photos once more, I am still moved.

At times, I think it is possible to feel alone…even when surrounded by many people. A sense of loneliness creeps in when we feel disconnected from everything and everyone. We may feel that no one understands what we’re going through…or that no one cares.

The reality is that nothing you could ever possibly feel is new. It has all been experienced before. Becoming reconnected only requires that you remember that we are one. When you recognize creation in all that is around you — including people, plants, and animals — you will be reminded that you can never be alone. Love always surrounds.

Thus, my adventure in Singapore was a beautiful reminder that not all who wander are lost. And also that getting lost is sometimes the only way to find real treasure.

May you be lost in the beauty of life and find that you are love :)


Photo source: From ‘How Loneliness Goes’ collection by Nguan (Singaporian photographer)