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February 9, 2014


Everything can be seen as a this; Everything can be seen as a that. The that depends on the this; the this mirrors the that. One follows from the other; each is inseparable from both. You can’t have right without wrong, life without death, the true without the false. The Master is not trapped in – Read More –

January 26, 2014


This topic has been bouncing around my mind for a few days, so I am going to put off distractions (i.e. all forms of writing resistance haha) to try to share these ideas :) The thought of “living your truth” came about as I was commenting on the disappointing (long lasting) trend in media that – Read More –

January 19, 2014


This morning I read a remarkable perspective of how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ended the terror of living as a black person in the United States. The article discusses how he taught the black community to face their worst fears and, as a community, accept abuse with a non-violent reaction. In the ways of Gandhi, Dr. King – Read More –

January 15, 2014


The Buddha taught: “If you are standing on one shore and want to cross over to the other shore, you have to use a boat or swim across. You cannot just pray, ‘Oh, other shore, please come over here for me to step across!’” To a Buddhist, praying without also practicing is not real prayer. – Read More –

January 12, 2014


Today I had the privilege and pleasure to interview some remarkable and truly impressive future students for my alma mater (Northwestern University). I was floored by these amazing students and the contributions they are already making to the world! And I could not stop myself from injecting “sage advice” into the discussions ;) I encouraged – Read More –

January 10, 2014


After going to sleep a bit too early, I was up at 3am this morning browsing the internet…in yet another hotel room (oh the travel life!). Around 4am, I was guided to this Byron Katie video of a mother trying to Work through the loss of her daughter. For a moment, I thought it might – Read More –

January 4, 2014


Before leaving for the gym today, I decided to grab my Jan 2014 copy of Prevention magazine on impulse. [I’m not so good at reading all of the magazines I subscribe to…I’m resolving to go through ‘the pile’ and give away issues after I read them! haha…but I’m really glad I grabbed this one today.] I read – Read More –

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