This topic has been bouncing around my mind for a few days, so I am going to put off distractions (i.e. all forms of writing resistance haha) to try to share these ideas :)

The thought of “living your truth” came about as I was commenting on the disappointing (long lasting) trend in media that seems to be much more centered around women’s bodies than our minds (or spirit!). I remarked, perhaps incorrectly, that the women who participate understand the rules of the media game and play to their financial advantage. But maybe, on some level, they are simply living their truth and doing what they want to do.

It led me to think about the concept of judging others and the folly of trying to get everyone to agree with your opinion of what is right or wrong. It is impossible…there will always be people on both sides of the fence. That is just the way it goes. Therefore, when we take the middle ground, and recognize that we simply must accept people as they are without defining “right” or “wrong”, we unconsciously give ourselves permission to live our own truth.

Indeed, accepting others allows us to understand our truth more clearly. If, for example, I have a concern that there is too much attention on women’s bodies rather than their minds, I can see the media void without judgement of the women showing their bodies. Instead, I can ask myself how can I live my truth?  This could involve breaking the cultural mode of being a woman in media who focuses on mind over body…or not supporting marketing that treats women as a sexual object…or mentoring young children and celebrating accomplishments over looks (how often are young girls told how pretty they are instead of how smart they are?).

This post is very in the world. It speaks more to having the courage to live your truth instead of accepting the status quo. If I was going full Taoist, I would say WHO CARES?! haha However, my goal here is to get more to the authentic Self and help us to live our purpose and share our unique gifts. Sometimes this can be done by seeing the duality (when one thing is defined as ‘right’, the ‘wrong’ state is automatically created)…and recognizing barriers to that oneness. Particularly for me is the value of equality, which is often manifested in persons being treated differently as a result of their gender, skin color, age, socioeconomic status, or physical or mental capabilities (to name a few).  In honoring the Oneness, I personally appreciate those with the courage to bring these inequalities to light and help to provide balance. I try to do the same.

As with all things, I could be totally wrong :) [or totally right to others ha!] But the point is that courage is required to be who you were truly meant to be. Unfortunately, so much social programming and training occurs over a lifetime that it can be hard to break free and live your truth. However, I am reminded of this quote I love:

“How does one become a butterfly?” she asked pensively.

“You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.”


I hope you choose to fly ;)


Photo source: Butterfly by Pennamore