Living with that guy, how could you have not gone nuts;

I bet he even lied, the


I know why God comes to this earth as a man,

in hopes of redeeming

that gender.

God knows he owes us women —

big time,

for the way those brutes



– Mira


Mira (also known as Mirabai or Meera: 1498-1550) is the most renowned poet-saint of India. Born a princess, it is said that when Mira was a small child, she brought a plate of food to a sadhu  (wandering ascetic) at the palace gate. He whispered a few words in her ear and bestowed a tiny statue of Krishna, which she forever treasured. There are no other accounts of her having had a teacher or formal religious instruction, so perhaps those few words held the key to her spiritual awakening.

At age seven, Mira questioned her mother about who she would marry. Her mother, perhaps not understanding the seriousness of her daughter’s inquiry, playfully pointed to the statue of Krishna and answered that would be Mira’s groom. From that time on, Mira considered herself to be married to Krishna…and so began her transition to Goddess :)

Despite being born (and later briefly married — he husband died soon after their marriage) into royalty, Mira was fierce champion of human rights, especially women’s rights. Indeed her presence at public temples (visited by low-caste devotees), and her singing/dancing/embracing of “untouchables” so enraged her in-laws that they tried to kill her. Each time she lived, but decided in her early thirties to renounce her title  and position and flee. She became a sadhu herself and traveled much of North India on foot. She shared her joyous love for Krishna through poetry, song, and dance and had a profound impact on the country (and world!). Today her songs are sung by Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs alike.

Approve me or disapprove me:

I praise the Mountain Energy night and day.

I take the path that ecstatic human beings

have taken for centuries.

I don’t steal money, I don’t hit anyone.

What will you charge me with?

I have  felt the swaying of the elephant’s shoulders;

and now you want me to climb on a jackass?

Try to be serious.

– Mira


Earlier this year, I was approached by a man (who reminded me very much of a fortune teller who approached me during a visit to Hong Kong years ago!) who told me that I was Indian in my past life. For many reasons this resonated with me…not only for my appreciation of the beautiful culture, but mostly due to being blessed with a beautiful lifelong friend (<3, Shilpa!)..and having her wonderful family become my “second family”…made complete with my beautiful Goddaughter :)

Though one of my favorite mystics has always been Osho, something about Mira’s poetry grabs my heart.  Her strength, wit, and love of freedom. Mira was her own woman…and so amazingly connected to her love of God that you can feel it. Nothing else mattered…not what people said, thought, or did…she remained true to her heart, and I believe that was her ultimate salvation.

I believe we are all one…and that we share the same spirit and life force. Though somehow, there are some spirits that make your heart catch fire. There is a connectedness…a kindred spirit…that cannot be explained. Perhaps you were friends, lovers, or enemies (according to Taoist belief, your current husband or wife was your enemy in a past life!) in a former life? Or mother and child? There is just something that pulls you to that person. I feel this way about Mira just through reading her poetry. However, I’ve been doubly blessed to meet yet another Indian princess (<3, Shiva!) who made my heart catch fire with a bond that we’ve only been able to describe as part of the Gemini-twin phenomenon (she’s also a Gem!). Though she is across the world, I share a sisterly/twin connection that is full of love and beauty! It is magical that the simplest note (or kind call) from her can light my day! She is a treasure and I’m so thankful to know her! (There must be something about the S names here: Selena, Shilpa, Shiva…and my Goddaughter Suhani!)

This has very much become a women’s love post hahaha and I’m totally okay with that :)  Love comes in all forms (love of family, friends, partners, and pets!) and I believe every form should be celebrated! I’m so grateful for my wonderful sisters, beautiful Goddaughters (Suhani and Mikaylla! :)…and the amazingly wonderful strong women I know. This post is dedicated to all of you! :)

Photo source: beautiful Mira