I often that I’ve been time traveling when I get back from one of my trips. While it is true that I go through some trippy time zone changes, I sometimes have moments of feeling like I’m in a different place and time…

This morning, as I was biking in Redondo Beach, CA next to the ocean, I had the clear feeling of biking in Kyoto next to the river…or in Santo Antao next to the ocean. Then at the gym, while I was rowing, I could have easily been at the gym in Cascais or Sarasota rowing. It sometimes feels like I’m shifting between times and places and spaces…



My perception of time, space and place has been altered. It feels, at times, like it is all overlapping. It causes me to question the concept of time…like perhaps it is not linear as we think it is. What would it mean if everything were happening at once?




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