I am thrilled to announce the release of my second book, unbreakable!

After spending a month in Thailand, living on Muay Thai camp, poetry came to me when I returned to Africa.

During the time that I was writing the poetry, I was reflecting on life, relationship, and changes that had led up to me being where I was. Like a Phoenix, I felt that I was burning my old self up in the fires of the present, and arising from the ashes stripped of the emotional weight that had been subconsciously holding me back.

I stripped myself of societal thoughts…like the need to be married and a mother by a certain age…and I basked in the realization of my beautiful freedom. Humorous poetry flowed through me as I reflected on situations I would have once considered painful. It was a beautiful experience, and I wrote this poetry for practically two days straight.

unbreakable is the result! I am thankful to numerous friends who encouraged me to publish this book…at first, I was not planning to. It was difficult for me to consider laying some of my trials bare for all to see (especially my family!). But I moved passed that as I realized that this was part of my growth and my journey to ultimate freedom.

I hope that others might be inspired by reading unbreakable and know that they are not alone in various situations that they may consider struggles. May all who suffer know that there is an end to that too. That end begins with a decision. And that decision is always yours. Peace and freedom are our birthright. I wish you an infinite amount of both. And love too ;)

Namaste and love!

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Note: I am offering unbreakable in ebook and paperback versions. Here are the relevant links for both.

unbreakable eBook: ZenTao Books

unbreakable paperback: Amazon Prime

As an independent author and publisher, I’ve added details here to provide insight into the cost structure behind each book.


Thank you for your support! <3!