When I was in Lisbon with Mooji, I remember wandering into the bookstore during one of the Satsang breaks. There was a display with a collection of Mooji’s books and I casually opened a few to get a feel for the content. I opened one of the books and read one of the most powerful statements I have ever seen:

You are the Sage that you have been waiting for.

After seeing that, I didn’t feel like I had to read anymore of that book. I felt like that was what I was supposed to see.

This morning, I was thinking about some of my past speaking events. I have been so lucky to have an amazing group of people at every event I’ve had! The energy vibration has been high and I’ve found the resulting discussions to be rich.

Perhaps I get this trait from my grandmother — a prolific public speaker — but I never prepare remarks beforehand. I usually have a general idea of a topic to start with, but I let the energy take me where it wants to go.

It has been my experience that I never quite know if I’m connecting with the audience haha But I keep going anyway! And I have the feeling that something I say — even if it’s one thing — will connect with someone in the audience and possibly inspire them.

But really, I believe Mooji. We are the Sage that we have been waiting for and we have the key to unlock any answer that we need. However, when we feel overwhelmed or confused, we feel like we need help. But in reality, we know what the next right move is. We’ve just gotten accustomed to ignoring that small voice that comes to us in silence.

The beauty of meditation…of taking a moment to bring ourselves back into the present…is that it helps us silence the other noise so we can hear the voice telling us what we need to do next — our inner Sage.

I pray that you will have the patience to listen for this voice and the courage to follow it. The answers you are seeking are within.


Bonus content: In this very moment, you can access that voice. Here are 5 simple steps:

1. Close your eyes

2. Breathe deeply in through your nose

3. Hold your breath for as long as you can

4.Exhale rapidly when you can’t hold your breath any longer

5. Repeat 3-5 times

This process will stop your spiral of stressful thinking and bring you silence. In those silent moments, listen ;)

Photo source: Sintra, Portugal (my mobile phone)