Life can get heavy when we bear the burden of attachments and entanglements to Earthly things.

As I think back to almost a year ago when I sold and gave away pretty much everything I owned…and moved to Cape Verde with only two pieces of luggage…I better understood liberation. For so long, I felt like I couldn’t move or make big changes because I would have to deal  with all of my stuff…literally physical stuff. I was bound to these things in a way that went beyond ownership. It entangled my mind and emotions to consider what I would have to do to deal with all of the stuff. I had so much energy tied up in those things and I didn’t even know it.

A life of simplicity is the highest goal because it helps avoid unnecessary pitfalls that come from dealing with truly meaningless stuff that feels so meaningful. It frees energy and gives you the opportunity to pursue more meaningful explorations.

But beyond things, attachment has many forms. To people, to circumstances, and to thoughts and feelings…we can easily become attached. We can become attached to a person we are in a relationship with…just as we can become attached to the idea that some other person does not deserve our forgiveness. Detachment is not automatic…it requires awareness.

Once we become aware of the possibilities beyond our limited perception, our desire to hold on to things wanes. We begin to identify with freedom. And peace. We are able to let go and be free.