As I grabbed my computer to write a post yesterday, it was unresponsive. After spending some time charging and working through various troubleshooting steps, I was forced to confront the fact that after 7 years of faithful service, my MacBook Pro might indeed be toast. I accepted that reality and went to sleep last night haha

Since I’m back on the island, I don’t have the luxury of popping by an Apple Store, so for now I must use other devices and be thankful that I have those available. While my thoughts yesterday were about hope and the awareness that we have more than we think we do (no doubt inspired by the inauguration of Trump which still does not feel completely real to me), today my thoughts about desires and changes.

I think simply because change is inevitable, there is no end to desires. In many ways, we want life to be stagnant. We want to keep a certain feeling, a certain love, a trusty computer, or beloved President, but that is not how life works. Change happens. And as a result, desires are born. We may want to go back to a desired past or create a desired future. We may want this thing or that thing…this person or that person… The point is we typically desire something.

We imagine having control over every situation. And we may fail to see the bigger picture and lack the vision to see how everything blends together perfectly. We may feel styimied because our plans have been interrupted, but what if that change was necessary to put us back on our true course? (I am facing this reality as my plans for today were to record sample podcasts on my computer, which does not appear to be an option at present. Maybe the direction was intended to be for me to pen my next book?! ;)

If we can look upon these unexpected changes as blessings in disguise, our perspective shifts. We understand there is a higher power at work and we trust that the Universe is for us and unfolding in a way that is happening for our highest good. While it is natural to have desires, we cannot allow our lives to be led by them. Instead, having a spirit of gratitude for all that we have and faith for all that will be revealed allows us to ease any anxiety we might feel.

In all things, if we can flow with the unfolding of events like water and do only what we need to do (when we need to do it), we can find great peace.  We must acknowledge how all of our needs are being met and be thankful.

Desires come and go, but (like thoughts), we must simply watch them. We have to avoid getting ourselves unnecessarily tangled in the drama of trying to force a way when peace is most often found by letting it go. We do what we can and realize that must always be enough.




Photo source: My mobile phone — Cabo Verde :)