It sometimes happens that I get so caught up with writing projects that I forget about my longest standing writing project, this blog ;)  So, I’m thankful to friends who share old posts and new pictures that inspire me to come back again ;)

One of my dear friends here in Cabo Verde, Joli, is an amazing photographer and she has a thing for taking pictures of doors. I always enjoy them, but this one stopped me in my tracks. Upon a little reflection, I think it is because it has so many layers. And those layers give it special meaning to me.

In so many ways, it reminds me of my latest (in progress) book, Seven Lives. The number 7 on the door is the first connection, but I think it is the way the door seems a bit cobbled together that really hits home haha! To me, the different materials represent different ideas that have somehow come together to make something new. The random bricks and planks form a door…and even though it’s not quite clear if the door is usable (haha!), it is beautiful. And the added painting of the girl’s face at the bottom makes it whimsical. The door is somehow old and new at the same time.

I also think that our lives are a bit like this door. The collection of old and new memories come together to form what can be a wall or a door. Do we allow what has happened to prevent us from moving forward? Or do we combine all of those experiences to create a functional door through which we can start anew? Are we being held back by our history? Or do we use it to propel us forward?

I love the new year because it carries with it the significance of a new start. But the truth is every moment has that same potential. Even still, I wish you a happy new year that is full of good luck, beauty, and charm. I also hope that it is interspersed with unexpected whimsical moments of fun that keep you smiling ;)



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Photo source: Joli Moniz | A Vontade Tours, Cabo Verde