It is just love and I now, doing whatever happens.

If someone were to spill some soup upon me, I would understand, knowing it wanted to get close the best it could.

All comes your way for a reason. Everything is working the room and making valuable connections.

It snowed once, more than it had in years, above a village in Tibet, and come spring the temperature climbed way higher than normal.

A tidal wave of slush roared down the mountain and wiped out many families. The Buddha stood by an watched, then walked slowly off.

What the average person did not see was that all those souls dove headfirst into him. He mixed them into his being. They ran through his veins shouting with joy.

What could you know of anything if you have a list of complaints against old friends?


From, “A Year with Hafiz” by Daniel Ladinsky



Photo source: Happy Tibetan Man by Evgeny Tchebotarev