Today is my beautiful mother’s birthday, so I decided she should have her own post! That’s the wonderful thing about running your own website…you do what you want ;)

And really my incredible mother deserves more than just a day of celebration, but we have to start somewhere, right? ;)

To say that I love my mother…or that I’m so very proud of her…would be an understatement. As I’ve read my latest book over and over (during the editing process), I’ve come to realize the strong theme of motherhood that flows throughout (don’t worry, Dad…there’s a bit of fatherhood too! Haha). Each of the major characters are profoundly impacted by their mothers…or their experience (or inexperience) of motherhood. Such a thing could only be created from my own experiences.

Watching my mother having a profoundly positive impact on the lives of others was hugely inspirational. I also think that fun times doing things like dancing and singing around the house with our parents was wonderful for me and my sisters. We were encouraged to do our best and help others. These are seemingly simple lessons, but I see it manifested clearly in my sisters to this day.

I know that everyone was not as lucky as we were, and that is unfortunate. But I also believe that we, as spirits, pick our mothers. Our experience with them is meant to prepare us for transcendence. They give us experiences that help us unlock what we need to get free. I guess, in this life, I picked the easy round ;) Thanks Momma! ;) I love you!


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Photo source: Me and my beautiful madre…fun time spent parasailing…all smiles without a care in the world! Except for the freezing cold waters of the Pacific Ocean! Lol