I have been meaning to post updates to the page with recent travels, but I fell really behind. Instead of real-time thoughts from the trips, I thought I’d just include simple posts with key memories from the trips, along with lessons/lingering thoughts that I’ve had as a result.

So…from October to April, I was on my island (Santo Antao) working almost nonstop to convert my typed notebooks into a proper book. Though I was in a peaceful and beautiful place, the lack of rain that the island received in 2017 really started to become apparent around the start of Spring. I struggled with finding a good selection of vegetables, but I soldiered on, determined to get my book to a place that felt complete.

However, around the end of April, I had a bit of a breakdown haha By the end of the month, I was ready to buy a ticket to anywhere to get off of my island! haha The combination of solitude and limited food got me to a place of needing proper nutrition and socialization. It just so happens that my dear friend, Joli, on the main island of Cabo Verde responded first haha So, within days, I took a car to a ferry to a plane to get to the capital city of Praia to see her and other friends! I also offered to join Joli on her upcoming trip to mainland Africa..and she excitedly agreed!

So, in a matter of days, I was launched from my quiet life in Ponta do Sol to the bustling town of Praia…and the even more hectic city life in Senegal and The Gambia! Posts about those cities are up next ;)

My lesson from that moment is to follow your intuition and know when it’s time to go…and then go! ;)



Photo: Ponta do Sol, Cabo Verde from my mobile phone ;)