Sometimes I forget how energizing and inspiring it is to take a little getaway! A change of pace and scenery, even if it’s not so far away, can be such a wonderful source of creativity!

I am so thankful to my dear friends Diane and Marcus for welcoming me to their beautiful hotel property, Haus am Weg (in Portuguese: Casa no Caminho, both meaning “House on The Way”) for the week! I encourage you to visit their website to contact them and make arrangements for a bungalow and/or delicious meal when you visit us here in Santo Antão, Cabo Verde! :) You’ll be glad you did…it’s paradise on earth!

The property is located in Cha D’Igreja (mountainous), very near Cruzinha—a quaint coastal town. I stayed in one of the three lovely bungalows on the property and the calming sounds of waves coaxed me to sleep each night, supported by the delicious vegan and fresh-caught fish meals gourmet chef Diana made each day! This week was such a gift!

I enjoyed beautiful walks and hikes (pictured above with the city of Cha D’Igreja behind me), lovely times with friends, and great writing sessions both in my bungalow and on the beach! Many haiku were written haha ;)

To share this beautiful time, I was inspired to make a short video of the property, surrounding sights I enjoyed, and my dear friends. You can find it on YouTube here.

I was only an hour away from home (in Ponta do Sol—but loved that their hotel has an old boat from my city!) but it felt like I was a world away! So I’m also inspired to remind you that getaways don’t have to be far. Changing your routine and scenery is a wonderful way to reset and be present, especially during this time of high anxiety, felt around the world. Focus on the good and more good will find you. ;) Namasté.

I wish you peace, joy, and adventure! :)!


Photo above taken here in Santo Antão, Cabo Verde, up a mountain from the city of Cha D’Igreja during a hike with my dear friend (and photographer for this photo!) Diane :) Obrigada bela!

Photos below of the beautiful Haus am Weg property, and lovely view from my bungalow. Also included is a picture of boats docked at the nearby town of Cruzinha.