Especially during these times of heightened fear, I think it’s incredibly important to monitor your consumption. Is what you’re reading and watching fueling fear? Does it paint a full picture of what’s happening? Who or what is being supported by the narrative being presented? Who or what is being negatively impacted? These are questions that each of us must answer for ourselves.

From a spiritual perspective, many people fear death, but should this even be a real fear? Can what you truly are ever die? These bodies are but a costume for the infinite. What we truly are is infinite. This truth should dispel all fear.

Peace and blessings to you. Namasté.


Photo: Taken by me from the rooftop pool at my favorite hotel in Kowloon, Hong Kong :) I still have fond memories of sitting in the hot tub every morning at sunrise to read the paper after working out at the gym there.

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