Sometimes it happens that we decide on a course of action and become driven to achieve a certain goal.

Outwardly, this determination is not necessarily a bad thing. Indeed, it can lead to the creation of beautiful things (especially artistically).

But if this drive creates internal stress, turmoil, confusion, and/or illness, this can be a sign for us to slow down.

It is an opportunity for us to realize that there is time…and that there are many ways for us to achieve our goals and live our dreams.

I believe that rest is undervalued. Our sense of urgency can create undue stress on ourselves and this is not healthy.

When I think back to when I moved to Africa and felt a sense of urgency to get all of my furniture made and delivered within weeks, I look back and see that I had time.

When I remember finishing work on “Get Free” when I had the flu, I realize again that I had time.

Give yourself the space and time to rest and reflect on whatever matter feels most urgent to you. Take a calming walk in nature and allow inspiration to fill you with dreams of different possibilities.

This life you have is infinite because YOU are infinite. There are an infinite number of options available to you. Allow inspiration to flow and then flow with it. 😊🙏 Namasté. 💙 🌊


P.S> I shared this message on my Instagram account today and I decided to share it here too with an additional message:

Things are also as urgent as you think they are.

The power of our attention means that if we direct a sense of urgency to certain thoughts and ideas, those things become heightened and prioritized over all else.

Recognize the source of this power. Know that to be you too ;)