In the midst of transition, my engineering side comes out. I tend to focus on process and practicality…and I sometimes unknowningly limit my own perception about what’s possible. (Love and abundance is everywhere, except where it is being suppressed by limited perception.)

When I attended Agape Spiritual Center last weekend here in LA, I was reminded of some very powerful things…

During the silent meditation, God whispered, “I am with you”, and I was flooded with peace.

Sometimes we feel that we are alone. We isolate ourselves and put lots of pressure on ourselves to find the answer. During the service, Michael Bernard Beckwith reminded of us, “The presence of God is never in absence.” He reminded us that the mind is taught to see the world in a certain way…through the lens of negativity, and lack. But if we live in TRUTH, we see love, possibility, and vision. Quantum physics allows us to see and experience different frequencies at the same time.

Don’t let anxiety run the show!

How appropriate that this was mentioned just after I wrote a post on anxiety! The lesson becomes a blessing. When we embrace the LOVE of the universe, fear is transformed by excitement and becomes something else. We understand that our identity is not what happened to us and we are able to connect with our Higher Self…the Self that never had a birth and will never die. Then the eternal begins to live its life as you, through you.

You are here to bring eternity into time

You chose to be here! To bring eternity into time. And you got to chose the gifts you wanted to give and the lessons you wanted to learn. Remember that you came down to reveal the presence of God. Learn your lessons gracefully and share.

When you feel and realize your oneness with presence, you will be able to watch your circumstances change. See the possibility in your own soul and live vibrationally with what wants to come through you.

You are not learning, you are recalling what the spirit knows. All of our needs are met. Gratitude becomes right seeing, which becomes oneness. Love is running the show.

The fear is a LIE. If you trace your fear back, you will find a lie (separation, scarcity, etc.) Observe your fear and it becomes to dissolve. You will learn your lessons, but they will be easier (graceful and not difficult). 

Choice is a function of expanded awareness. Choosing from an expanded place is different from a decision made as a reaction to circumstances. We make decisions to cut away what is not necessary.

Finally, Michael probably spoke to all of us when he said that he can see us making decisions based on what’s happened. This is fear based and he encouraged us to turn to love.

I felt so many emotions hearing these lessons, but joy characterizes it best. Living in a space of abundance and plentitude is beautiful. Expansive awareness leads to creativity and vision. Faith and love allow us to boldly move forward to live in light. I am so thankful for all of the messages delivered to me that day…including a beautiful soul connection made with lovely Lynnfinity who kept asking aloud where the daily meditation books where in the Agape bookstore haha With some hesitation, I told her I’d written a book of meditative questions and that launched a beautiful discussion which also uncovered that my birthday was her mother’s birthday and a very special day to her for so many reasons. There is no such thing as coincidence and I remain grateful and joyful that we connected.

Love surrounds us. Feel that infinity light and love and you cannot help but feel joy.

Namaste <3


Photo source: Infinity Light Room at the Broad Museum, LA (in honor of Lynnfinite Light <3)