This picture makes me happy! And it makes me smile :) It symbolizes what childhood should be about…happy children playing together and smiling…in the ocean :) How beautiful! No fighting, just love and joy.

I believe hate is learned. Children learn from their family, friends, or environment that someone or something is bad or wrong…and hate develops.

As adults, we have the ability to use our increased awareness to UNLEARN hate and anger and get back to joy. Letting go of the negativity makes room for even more positivity in your life.

We are all one…so when you hate your neighbor, you are hating yourself. Forgiveness and compassion allows you to heal wounds and find common ground with others…even when you don’t believe it is possible. But it is possible. Maybe you are both are sons…or you both have sons…or you both love your mother. Realizing any simple connection is enough to develop compassion for another because we are all the same, and only differ in our unique gifts.

If enemies, opposing nations and friends could step into this picture and transform to regain a carefree childlike mindset, I believe this world would be a much happier place :)

Photo source: friends playing (Belize)