Living your truth means more than just being yourself. It means that regardless of criticism or praise, you remain true to you. Your beliefs shouldn’t require the agreement of others. And you also should not feel the need to have everyone agree with you. Those that agree will find you. Others will drop away without requiring any effort on your part.


The reality is there is nothing you could ever do that would make everyone agree with you. By living in your truth, you are able to live an authentic life for yourself — no one else. But a remarkable thing happens when you do that, you inspire others to want to live an authentic life too. Someone who sees you living your truth may be inspired to step a little outside of their comfort zone and try something that they only thought about before. This is the true magic of being you.


Everyone is born with unique and beautiful gifts. While society encourages conformity, the brave misfits are the creators. So don’t be afraid to create a new reality for yourself that is in beautiful alignment with who you really are. Like a caterpillar being a butterfly, rebirth awaits you ;)


Author note (+photo source): I am so thrilled and thankful to be writing this post from the very resort in Bali where I wrote my first book, Meditative Questions, last year! What a difference a year+ can make! I return to Bali more free and more me and I am in thankful celebration for this beautiful gift of life. I am reminded to keep moving through all that might trouble you as change is constant and a brighter and more beautiful future becomes possible with bold choices! Namaste. Love!