This morning I was inspired by this beautiful photo and reminded that each day we have an opportunity to live in the peace of Heaven…while on Earth. This happens through our thoughts and how we choose to experience our inner and outer worlds.

Natural beauty is all around us to serve as a reminder of the Light and the awesome power of the Creator. However, the duality of nature insists that there be Darkness as well, for we cannot have Light without Darkness. In fact, Darkness helps us to understand Light.

Though both must exist, we also have a choice about what space we chose to live in during every moment.

On my best days, I find that I’m choosing to see the beauty of everything. And I’m so awe-inspired by the beauty of nature that I understand my “problem” is insignificant. I understand that our Creator will always make a way. I see this as living in the Light.

May peace be with you! :)

Photo source: Heaven on Earth by Marc Adamus