If you are not careful, the world will have you hating yourself.

Society…and even those closest to you…will try to convince you that your hair is not straight enough (or curly enough), your body is not thin enough (or curvy enough), your teeth are not straight enough (or white enough), or even that your skin is not light enough (or tan enough).

Every message communicates that you are not enough. You must buy this product or that service to be better. But this is all false. YOU ARE ENOUGH! You are enough.

I have always liked the sentiment of sending another love and light. Well, actually, I thought it was a bit cheesy at first haha But when we send love to others, no matter how near or far, I believe that they feel it. Light is life and healing and magic that is felt too.

But just as we send positive vibes to others, we must send these good vibes to ourselves. May you send love to every part of your external form with so much gratitude and appreciation that you get over the irrelevant and see the true light that shines within. This light is the only thing that is real. And it connects us to both the Source and all other creations.

May you love yourself as you are and see the beauty that shines in everyone and everything around you.